Paddle Board and Stand Up Paddle Board Insurance

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Paddleboard InsuranceDo you rent Paddle Boards, teach paddle board lessons, If so, you are exposed to a wide range of risks.  Stand up paddle surfing is new and most insurance companies don’t understand the exposures.  If you need general liability insurance for your stand up paddle board operation, you found the right insurance agency.

Paddle Board Special Events.  Are you hosting an event and don’t know how to  handle the general liability insurance requirements?  Call us.  We can help you understand the process and provide you with the coverage you require.

Outdoor Insurance Group can address your liabilities in a way that will keep landowners, forest service, and parks satisfied. Outdoor insurance is our only business. We’ve been providing equipment rental companies and outfitters and guides with high quality, affordable paddle board insurance policies for years. We have access to numerous stand up paddle board insurance companies across the country, so customizing coverage to meet your needs and budget is rarely a problem. Call our experts today and tell them you need Outfitter’s or Guide Insurance. We’ll take care of the rest.

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Outfitter, Outfitters and Guides, Hunting and Fishing Guides need General Liability Insurance.  Quality Guide Insurance or Outfitter Insurance will keep you in good standing with the Forest Service, National Park, BLM and your private landowners.  We offer only quality coverage and more importantly quality service for fast issuance of certificates to keep you happy.

Outdoor Insurance Group has a plan for you.

paddlerProgram Highlights

  • Watercraft and Boat Liability
  • Physical Damage Coverage for your Boards
  • Rentals, lessons, events.
  • Property Insurance for retail Stores
  • General Liability
  • Workman’s Compensation for your Employees
  • Retail Operations
  • Special Events

Contact us for your insurance needs – We will treat you the way you treat your clients with enthusiasm, respect and desire to see them succeed.

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