Hunting and Fishing Guides

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Hunting and Fishing GuidesYou make your living in the outdoors. On the water, in the mountains, across the plains and out at sea. Sometimes you rely on specialized motor vehicles or boats, other times on saddle animals. In other words, guide services aren’t typical businesses, and cookie-cutter policies won’t get the job done. It’s time to trust your insurance needs to OIG. As one of the nation’s leading outdoor insurance specialists, we know exactly what you need and will do our best to make sure it’s affordable. We understand your risks and can tailor a policy that will work for you at a reasonable price. Call our outdoor insurance experts today. We can give a free, no obligation quote right over the phone.

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Hunting and Fishing Guides need General Liability Insurance.  Quality Guide Insurance or Outfitter Insurance will keep you in good standing with the Forest Service, National Park, BLM and your private landowners.  We offer only quality coverage and more importantly quality service for fast issuance of certificates to keep you happy.

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When it comes to your fishing guide insurance needs let us guide you the right coverage. Our knowledge of the outdoors and our experience in the fishing guide insurance industry gives us the unique ability to access multiple national insurance companies to design the right coverage at the right price specifically for your operation.

We can provide General Liability protection that  includes the use of ATVs, boats, horses and tree stands. We can also insure your property against loss.

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