Hunting Insurance

Types of Insurance Hunting Guides Should Have

Hunting Guide Insurance Strategies Should Include Six Essential Components. Whether you’re a small or mid-size hunting outfit, you need to protect assets and guard against future losses with a tailor made insurance plan.

At Outdoor Insurance Group, not all hunting outfits who become new clients are fully aware of what constitutes an appropriate level of hunting guide insurance.  Guides have unique needs because of the nature of their day to day activities.  By using an expert insurer who is skilled in the nuances of hunting, you’re certain to get your money’s worth and a strategy that covers all aspects of the business.  To begin with, insurers will work within the following areas to design a plan:

General Liability

Liability insurance protects the policyholder from lawsuits that may result from business related programs or activities.

Property, Business Owner’s Policy

This coverage combines general liability and property insurance protecting owned or rented business premises and items kept in the care of the business owner.

Commercial Auto

With commercial auto insurance cars, trucks, rv’s and motorcycles and other vehicles operated by a business are protected against physical damage and bodily injury resulting from accidents and traffic violations and liabilities that could be incurred as a result.

Worker’s Compensation

This insurance covers wage replacement and medical expenses for employees harmed during the course of their workday activities.

Life Insurance

Life insurance pays a sum of money to a pre-determined beneficiary upon the policyholder’s death.

Personal Umbrella

This liability insurance is offered for losses that are not covered by other types of insurance or whose damages exceed other coverage payout amounts.

Outdoor Insurance Group

Depending on certain variables, it could happen that all of these may not apply to every hunting guide.  Outdoor Insurance Group experts ensure that every client is protected from every eventuality by considering the size of an outfit, the type of activities engaged in and risks associated with these activities, the number of employees and amount and type of property and equipment owned.  By tailoring specific insurance plans to specific outdoor adventure group activities, they can offer the most cost effective personalized insurance plans for every type of adventure and recreation business.  Visit for all the details about outdoor insurance.