Snowmobile Tour Insurance and Snowmobile Rental Insurance Experts At Outdoor Insurance Group Share Interesting ISMA Facts

Outdoor Insurance Group provides insurance plans for hundreds of snowmobiling operations nationwide. As an insurance industry leader, we stay ahead of industry trends. Here is a partial list of interesting facts we discovered from The International Snowmobile Manufacturers Association (ISMA):

  • The average snowmobiler is 45 years old.
  • The average snowmobiler last season rode 1,250 miles.
  • 60% of snowmobilers belong to a club and participate in many of their club’s events.
  • About 49% of the people that snowmobile, trailer their snowmobile to their riding area. The other 51% ride from their home or cabin.
  • Snowmobiling is a family friendly activity. Most of all those responding to surveys report that they snowmobile with family and with friends and with club members.
  • Snowmobilers are outdoor recreationists all year around. Following is a list of recreational activities that snowmobilers participate in when they aren’t out riding:

    – 59% go ATV Riding
    – 59% go ATV Riding
    – 56% go Camping
    – 56% go Fishing
    – 52% go Boating
    – 44% go Hunting
    – 33% go Hiking
    – 32% go Motorcycle Riding
    – 26% go Golfing
    – 24% go Personal Watercraft Riding
    – 19% go Downhill Skiing
    – 13% do other recreational Activities

Snowmobilers are a big part of the winter economic engine, spending an average of $2,000 each year going snowmobiling, traveling to their snowmobiling spot, and purchasing food, gas, and lodging.

For more information on many aspects of snowmobiling, visit the ISMA at and

In addition to offering complete snowmobile business insurance strategies, Outdoor Insurance Group insures adventure outfits include hunting, fishing, surfing, paddle boarding, horseback riding, hiking, kayaking and canoeing, camping and ATV tours and more. All agents have personal experience in these sporting areas to get you the most out of your insurance policy with the most cost effective plan. Business owners looking to purchase, renew, or update an insurance plan are invited to call today for a free consultation (888) 683-7808.