Protect Against Cyber Security Threats with Complete Outdoor Recreation Insurance and Outdoor Adventure Insurance Strategies.

Outdoor Recreation Insurance and Outdoor Adventure Insurance clients could, like any other business, fall prey to cyber security threats.

OIG insurance specialists are prepared to help you tackle Cyber Security. Cyber security threats are growing exponentially. Every day, more viruses are being launched than ever before. The estimated annual cost for cyber crime globally is nearly 100 billion dollars. Hackers are not only targeting corporations, but small businesses and individuals must also be vigilant in protecting against threats. Anyone with an internet connection runs the risk of a cyber attack.

Here are a few reasons you should carry Cyber Liability Insurance:

  • It’s more affordable than you may think — premiums can be as low as $500 dollars.
  • It can cover business interruption liabilities as an additional benefit.
  • Even if you don’t host your data yourself, you are still responsible. If your data is hosted or stored in the Cloud, take a look at your contracts to determine if you are still legally responsible.
  • Your general policy won’t cover you in the case of cyber threats. General Liability does not cover anything aside from 3rd party injury.
  • Cyber coverage can also cover laptops & mobile devices.

Protect yourself. Talk to your OIG specialist today.

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