Paddleboard Insurance

Stand Up Paddle Boarding Camps and Schools Offer a Growing Business Opportunity for Water Sports Enthusiasts

At Outdoor Insurance Group, we see our stand up paddle board insurance clients expanding their operations and insurance coverage year over year, as their outfits grow along with the popularity of the sport. In the industry, there are a number of statistics that indicate that the stand up paddle business is strong and growing. Because the sport is in its infancy compared to its surfing counterpart, there are many reasons to explore paddle boarding as a new and upcoming business opportunity, and seek out SUP insurance plans to properly protect SUP businesses.

Stand up paddle boarding originated in Hawaii as an offshoot of surfing and has moved from the coastal regions to inland lakes, rivers and ponds. You can paddle board virtually anywhere and for any reason, and people are doing just that. They are stand up paddling for outdoor recreation, health and fitness, mindfulness, touring and sightseeing, racing, wave and rapids riding and even fishing.

OIG insured stand up paddle board clients note that the sport is popularity gaining across all age ranges and activity level because of the degrees of participation can be adapted to all levels of experience. And there are simply just many people who want to try something new. Also, because it is catching on with celebrities, its appeal trickles down to the segment of the general population who keep up with Hollywood trends. Eva Longoria, Pierce Brosnan and Julia Roberts are just a few of the celebs been featured in the tabloids on SUP boards.

As in any outdoor recreation and adventure business, Stand UP Paddle Board Insurance is a necessity. OIG policies offer complete coverage in all areas including liability, personal injury, and loss or damage to equipment. OIG insurance representatives are schooled in all of the nuances that are particular to the SUP business and will devise an Stand Up Paddleboard school, camp, SUP Yoga or club insurance protection plan to meet all business operators’ personal needs.