Outdoor Recreation Insurance is Important for Small Businesses

Outdoor Insurance Group: Outdoor Recreation Business Insurance is important for small recreation and adventure companies to protect from many elements of risk.  Outdoor Insurance Group is located in Lafayette, Co., but serves nationwide businesses involved in fishing, hunting, hiking, camping, water activities and more.  It is important for insurance providers to design recreation insurance plans specifically to meet every outfit’s individual needs.  For every business, the type of activity, number of employees, equipment and property owned, etc., factor into each plan so customers are fully protected.  There are basically six types of insurance outdoor adventure and recreation businesses should have:

  1. General Liability protects policyholders from lawsuits resulting from business related programs or activities such as property damage or bodily injury to a third party.
  2. Property Insurance protects business structures as well as business and personal property and equipment and can be designed to include loss of income, property of others and more.
  3. Commercial Auto is insurance for company cars, trucks, and other approved vehicles that covers physical damage and liability for bodily injury resulting from accidents.
  4. Worker’s Compensation covers wage replacement and medical expenses for employees harmed during the course of their workday activities.
  5. Life Insurance is not sold through Outdoor Insurance Group but we can advise customers on purchasing this coverage. It is recommended to keep a business functioning upon the death of key people in a business.
  6. Excess Liability increases liability limits over $1,000,000. National Parks and other strict agencies sometimes require high limits of liability.

While all of these may not apply to all outdoor adventure group insurance plans, Outdoor Insurance Group ensures that clients are protected from every eventuality with cost effective personalized insurance plans for every type of adventure and recreation business.  Visit www.oigcorp.com for all the details about outdoor recreation insurance.