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Meet Our Professionals: Brian Stevens, Producer

When did you join OIG?

Spring 2017

Tell us about yourself.

I taught and coached teenagers for 14 years, so I am not afraid of anyone. I also worked as a fly fishing guide and shop manager for seven summers. I have been an insurance agent for three years, and it’s been a pleasure to blend my passions for guiding and the outdoors with my profession.

What’s your first memory of the outdoors?

Family camping trips all over Wisconsin, where it was okay to stay dirty all day and cook everything over the fire.

What outdoor activities do you participate in today? What’s your favorite?

I still keep my fly rod ready to go in my car, and I have started competitive running, but my favorite activity is just getting out to the mountains with my wife and sons, age 7 and 10.

Any other interesting hobbies?

I have been a vocalist for 35 years. I toured all over Britain with a boy choir at age 11. Nowadays I only have time for the church choir and rare karaoke outings.

What do you like about your job?

I am no longer rigging rods for guide trips, but I help enable people all over the US to turn their passions into businesses, and I get to teach a little every day.

What makes you good at your job?

A desire to know details, curiosity about my clients’ visions for their businesses, and undying patience honed by years of teaching, coaching, and parent-teacher conferences.

What advice would you give to clients about the importance of insurance?

Insurance should help set you free, not be a burden. Imagine doing what you love for a living, without having to look over your shoulder for the next disaster.

Why should outdoor activities businesses come to OIG?

We live what we insure. We have seen the outdoors/leisure industry as both professionals and clients. From staying at B&Bs and lodges to hunting, paddling, hiking, fishing, surfing, camping, riding, and shooting, there’s going to be somebody in our office who has experienced what each client wants to offer. Whether they run a walking tour of New York City or an electric paddleboard tour of Maui, we’ve been there.

With insurance expertise, OIG insurers cover all the business insurance aspects of risk and offer free consultations to new businesses or those interested in updating their outdoor insurance plans.

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