Outdoor Recreation Insurance Companies Like OIG Thrive on Testimonials

Outdoor recreation insurance also known as outdoor adventure insurance is a specialty insurance that should only be purchased by a specialty insurance group.  Smaller companies like Outdoor Insurance Group are more inclined to focus on each client’s individual business insurance requirements and formulate a plan just for them.

The best option is working with a provider like OIG, which is staffed by sportsmen and sportswomen who are experienced in and passionate about each sporting group that is covered.  Their personal expertise lies in each of the following:  fishing and hunting guides and lodges, sport shooting and gun ranges, horseback riding and dude ranches, ATV and jeep tours, campgrounds, snowmobile tours, paddleboard and surf rentals and schools, and more.

When selecting an insurance company, outdoor adventure businesses can either ask around for a reputable firm or research online, going straight to the customers themselves by reviewing the testimonial pages of their websites.  Oigcorp.com gives detailed information about services and invites prospective clients to call for a free consultation, which is also an important part of selecting a provider, but, testimonial pages offer real proof of a positive customer experience.

Here are just a few examples of testimonials you will find on the OIG website:

For the past fifteen years I have had to buy insurance for my Outfitting Company, and for the past fifteen years, no insurance company knew how to insure my company. I would instruct them on what I needed and they never had a clue as to how to put it on paper and get it past underwriting, so we were always in a sense “underinsured” that is until I heard from The Outdoor Insurance Group. Our agent is a hunting guide so he knew exactly what we needed and how to design it. Our agent is very competitive on his pricing and he actually designed a policy to fit my company’s needs. Unlike all the other cookie cutter insurance policies I have had throughout the years. I know now that my Company is in good hands with our agent. 
Caryn Moss, MossBack Guides and Outfitters

Our agent is very professional in his work and driven to give you the best service he can. Being an avid outdoorsman himself his knowledge of policies go hand and hand with his knowledge of hunting and fishing at the commercial/ outfitting level. Outdoor insurance group has great people, great pricing, and great service. I am glad to have Beaus Outdoors LLC outfitting business insured through the outdoor insurance group!  Beau J Davis, www.beausoutdoors.com

Visiting the oigcorp.com website can provide a broader look at testimonials for outdoor recreation insurance.  By listening to a company professional in a free consultation and taking into account what others say, you’ll get a complete perspective on the expertise of your outdoor recreation insurance provider.  There is no better way to ensure that you get the best insurance plan than working with a sportsperson who is an expert in business insurance.  And gauging their clients’ experiences is critical.  Start here today: oigcorp.com.