Outdoor Insurance Group’s Tips for Buying Turkey Hunting Lease Insurance

Well, turkey hunting season is nearly here. Now is the time for hunters to look for lease insurance and solidify their leases for the Spring hunt. Like them, I continually search the internet to see what the competition offers. I often come across things that are misleading, even to someone who has been in this business as long I have. I’d like to point out some of the things that are questionable.

Be wary when shopping for hunt lease insurance.

Some companies quote low prices, but in the fine print there are high fees. For example, I’ve seen membership fees to join an association that offers the exact same insurance offered by Outdoor Insurance Group. Why would someone pay $30 a person to join an association for access to an insurance policy that is readily available from other agents with no membership fee? For the privilege, maybe you’d get a cheap hat, some stickers and a bottle of deer piss… But really, for $20 – $30 a member? If you have five guys in your club, that’s more than the insurance costs itself. So watch out for fees. Ask us. We’ll tell you what the real deal is and be sure to get you the most cost effective option to fully protect your club. Look for an upcoming post about Guest Liability. I see this advertised everywhere, but what does it mean? The answer is going to surprise you.