Outdoor Insurance Group’s Outdoor Recreation Insurance Clients Warn of Camping and Fire Risks

We are specialists in RV insurance and Campground insurance.  Wherever you choose to vacation, our Outdoor Recreation Insurance Clients who own and operate RV parks and campgrounds will tell you that fall camping is one of the most popular outdoor activities. As the seasons change, people will flock to see leaves turn and enjoy relaxing, or more active past-times including hiking, bicycling, hunting, fishing and boating.

By nature, colder weather camping brings an increase in campfires at parks and in the woods.  Sit around the campfire, sing, cook and just enjoy the warmth, but do it safely.

Outdoor Insurance Group clients agree that precautions can be taken to reduce the risks associated with open flame campfires.  Here are five tips to keep yourselves and your surroundings protected:

  1. Use fire pits provided by your campground whenever they are provided. They are built with safety in mind.
  2. When you prepare your own, create a large perimeter around the pit, clearing the area of all foliage, grasses and debris.
  3. Build up a circular boarder of rocks to help contain open flames.
  4. Avoid using lighter fluid by using natural kindling and be aware of properly disposing of smoldering matches.
  5. Be sure you can access a shovel quickly in case you need to quickly smother the flames.

Most importantly, do not leave your campfire unattended, even for a minute.  If you must leave the area, find a neighboring camper to keep watch or simply extinguish the fire. You can always build up another.  The risks of leaving the fire unsupervised are too great.

The professionals at Outdoor Insurance Group enjoy camping all year long and are happy to work alongside of the hundreds of RV parks and campgrounds that we insure to keep all travelers safe and focused on making memories.

As one of the top providers of RV insurance and Campground insurance, Outdoor Insurance Group serves all types of parks looking to buy, renew or update their insurance plans.  We are experienced campers who understand all individual state requirements and risks involved in operating a safe and profitable park.  All owner/operators who are looking for RV Park insurance and Campground insurance are invited to call OIG today for a free consultation (888) 683-7808.