Outdoor Insurance Group’s Hunting Guide Insurance Experts Make Children’s Safety A Priority

With winter vacations nearing, more families may take to the outdoors to participate in hunting activities with children. The safest way to hunt as a family is with a professional guide. Guides are experience in child safety, take proper precautions to avoid shooting accidents, and have the appropriate levels of hunting insurance to protect from damages. For hunters of any age, it’s imperative to prevent easy access to firearms and start by learning from educated professionals.

Hunting insurance experts encourage young people to begin by developing safe habits. Professional guides can instruct them, and more importantly, set a good example as role models who adhere to safe hunting skills. Five safety measures that a hunting guide practices include:

  • Making sure every member of the group wears hunter orange and being aware of their position at all times.
  • Checking that firearms are clean, free of obstructions and in good working order.
  • Keeping guns unloaded when transporting them to and from the hunting area.
  • Watching where all guns are pointed and steering clear of the trigger until it’s time to shoot.
  • Unloading before dressing the catch.

Keeping children safe is a priority for all of us. Hiring a guide can help reduce the risk of accidents, keep the focus on the hunt, and ensure that a good time is had by all.

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