Outdoor Insurance Group’s Horseback Riding Insurance Protects Trail Riding Businesses

Horseback riders are safe when stables are protected with horseback riding insurance. So get out there and enjoy this popular adventure activity. Summer is a great time for outdoor enthusiasts to visit a country stable to take advantage of a trail ride through beautiful and lush scenery.  Horses are trained to accommodate every level of experience and guides are knowledgeable in matching to a rider’s skill level. They can’t afford the risk of unnecessary accidents that may affect their business.

According to the experts, the levels of experience can be broken down as follows:  Total Beginner, Advanced Beginner, Confident Beginner, Novice, Intermediate, Advanced and Professionals.

Visit online an organization called The Long Riders’ Guild Academic Foundation which operates an informational website that is a commercial-free academic source of equestrian travel information.  The site contact address is:  http://www.lrgaf.org/guide/ability.htm for more information.

Protection against injury for horseback riding professionals, their employees and patrons as well, is of the utmost importance when purchasing horseback riding insurance. Specialty outdoor insurance agents like Outdoor Insurance Group create complete and individualized horseback riding business insurance plans providing coverage for protection of damage to barns, stalls and additional property; equipment; and business vehicles. All policies approved by National Parks, State Forests and BLM.  For complete confidence that your business is properly protected visit Outdoor Insurance Group at www.oigcorp.com to arrange a consultation today.