Outdoor Insurance Group’s 10 Ways To Make Hunting Fun For Children

For many families, Thanksgiving traditions include a morning of hunting before the big feast. Why not join in the fun?  It’s the perfect excuse to get out together and enjoy some exercise before eating your fill of turkey and relaxing with a good football game on the TV.

The leader in outdoor recreation insurance, Outdoor Insurance Group insures hundreds of professional hunting guides across the country.  They agree with our top suggestions for making family hunting trips a fun and memorable experience.

OIG Hunting Guide Insurance Clients Agree That Hunting is a Fun Family Activity

  1. Before you go, take time to talk to your kids about what to expect and discuss all of the things they might come across in the woods.
  2. Let the kids apply their own camouflage and safety gear. Then make a game of seeing who can tip toe through the forest most quietly.
  3. Use the opportunity to teach your kids about wildlife. Listen to birds singing and try to identify them. Ask your kids which animal they would choose to be and why.
  4. Use game calls and let the kids try when time is appropriate.
  5. Think of some fun activities to share with your kids while you’re waiting for deer and see who can spot the first one.
  6. Bring some fun snacks and special treats along,
  7. Keep your trip on the brief side and wrap it up before your kids have a chance to lose interest or get bored. You want them to like hunting and want to hunt again, not express disinterest in the sport.
  8. Make their chances for success a little easier, and hunt in a place where you know you’ll spot a lot of deer.
  9. Let them practice their aim and shooting position by walking them through the procedure start to finish so they are ready when opportunity strikes.
  10. Let the kids help clean your catch and take an opportunity to talk to your kids about respecting animals and the importance of wildlife conservation.

Don’t forget to document your trip with photographs.  Involve the kids in making a scrapbook with the photos and whatever leaves, twigs and rocks that they’ve discovered. When you can look through your scrapbooks year after year, your hunting trips will be something the kids never forget.