Outdoor Insurance Group Spotlight on our Customer OwnOutdoors

Search, Pack, and Go!

OwnOutdoors.com is the premier online resource for making the outdoors more accessible to everyone. With a quick and easy search, traveling adventurers can discover recreational options near any destination, and conveniently pre-plan activities including tours, services (e.g. guides, captains, etc.), classes, and equipment purchases and rentals.

OwnOutdoors was created to addresses the challenges that people face when searching for recreation options. It eliminates the need for an exhaustive internet search and helps users compare costs for a range of available alternatives. Simply put, OwnOutdoors finds fun for people of all ages and skill levels in the location of choice, at no cost to the consumer.

A Prime Resource for Outdoor Businesses:

OwnOutdoors gives individuals, startups and small businesses a free and secure platform for easily conducting global marketing and customer transactions. There are no subscription or membership fees. With its broad reach, OwnOutdoors can drive customer traffic to all of the featured stores and websites. In minutes, profiles can be set up and global transactions can begin. Businesses can choose to rely on their listing as a primary point of contact, avoiding the upfront costs and time invested in website development, design, and maintenance. The service securely processes payments using Stripe, a reputable industry leader.

By specializing in Outdoor Recreation and Adventure insurance, Outdoor Insurance Group shares a commitment to delivering the outdoors to everyone and promoting good health and well-being. Visit oigcorp.com for more information.