Outdoor Insurance Group Outdoor Recreation Insurance Winter Hiking

Outdoor Insurance Group, which offers Outdoor Recreation Insurance and Outdoor Adventure Insurance, serves hundreds of hiking guides and larger hiking and backpacking outfits with insurance strategies that protect them from risks.  For the average day hiker and family groups, hiking with one of these guides delivers the safety that can only come with the expert knowledge of a seasoned professional.  Using a guide will make your winter hike more enjoyable and stress free.   A hiking guide can help address serious challenges and help you be prepared for every occurrence.  Winter hiking requires special skills.

A professional guide is skilled at route planning, time allocation, addressing terrain challenges, first aid and handling all emergencies that may arise. They will also ensure that you protect yourself from the cold temperatures with layered clothing, keep well fueled with snacks during the day and hydrate with lots of water throughout the hike.

There is no question that winter hiking is offers a pleasurable way to enjoy the outdoors.  The clear views of wide open spaces offer winter hiking opportunities with spectacular vistas with little interference of crowds.

Just as a hiking guide protects their hikers, a solid Outdoor Recreation Insurance or Outdoor Adventure Insurance plan protects their business.  As one of the top providers of outdoor recreation insurance and outdoor adventure insurance nationwide, Outdoor Insurance Group insures hundreds of outdoor adventure businesses throughout the country in fishing, hunting, surfing, horseback riding, RV and campground adventures and more.  If you’re a guide looking to buy, renew or update and insurance plan, call today for a free consultation (888) 683-7808.