Duck Hunting Safety

Outdoor Insurance Group Offers Ten Safety Tips for Duck Hunting Guides

Good Duck Hunting Insurance Will Protect Your Guide Outfit When Accidents Strike

In the wild, accidents can happen.  As an experienced duck hunting insurance provider, Outdoor Insurance Group is aware of every eventuality and offers solid hunting insurance plans.  For duck hunting guides, being responsible means being successful.  Guide your hunters safely through an enjoyable and productive hunt every time with a few tips for hunters of all levels.

  1. Address safety issues before the hunt begins for the benefit of newcomers and seasoned hunters alike, and be sure that all hunters are familiarized with their firearms
  2. Make sure you have eyes on your hunters at all times while you are getting in position, as well as throughout the hunt, so you can keep them aware of shooting lanes
  3. Don’t load guns until you’re settled in and ready to shoot and be sure to check the barrel and the shells for debris before firing
  4. Keep shells organized and separated if your hunters are using different gauges
  5. Be sure that your hunters are dressed appropriately so that they stay warm, dry and comfortable
  6. Shotgun blasts can be loud enough to affect damage hearing, so take precautions to protect ears as well as eyes, particularly in the case of children and young adults
  7. Be sure that your canine companions are well trained and fit for the hunt
  8. When traveling by boat, have enough flotation devices for everyone including yourself
  9. Be ready to administer basic first aid and stock a full array of basic medical supplies
  10. Always tell a partner where you are heading and carry a communications device for emergencies

Be mindful of all of the risks involved in duck hunting.  Taking every precaution to keep your hunters safe will ensure a bright future for your business.  With a solid duck hunting guide insurance plan, you can focus on what you do best, treat your hunters to good times all season long — and keep them coming back.

We provide a complete range of General Liability protection plans including plans that cover the use of ATVs and boats. Call OIG for a free consultation today and you’ll be working with the best in the business (888) 683-7808.