Outdoor Insurance Group Insurance for Every Outdoor Adventure

Outdoor activity businesses have an inherent need to guard against risk with proper insurance coverage.

Hiking, mountain biking, camping, fishing, hunting, canoeing, kayaking, and rv driving, to name a few, all pose the potential for threats to you and your outdoor recreation business. To avoid financial problems, you must plan for every scenario:

  1. Inclement weather
    The weather is not always predictable. Continually monitor forecasts to avoid trying conditions.

  2. Hazardous terrain
    Take extra care when your activities involve mountain terrain, talice slopes, crossing streams, rocky rivers, unpredictable currents, and ice.

  3. Unmarked trails
    Familiarize yourself with the landscape and prepare mapped out routes, taking along a compass, GPS, flares, and flashlights. Always register with park rangers wherever there is an opportunity to do so.

  4. Wildlife and insects
    Respect wildlife and avoid personal contact with all animals. Wear appropriate clothing and bug repellent if your activities present exposure to dangerous or disease-carrying insects.

  5. Illness and injuries
    Dehydration, heat exhaustion, altitude sickness, contact with poisonous plants, and ankle sprains could befall your group members in any outdoor situation. Take along a first aid kit and stay within a reasonable proximity to professional medical care.

Outdoor Insurance Group’s insurance policies will protect you from every eventuality. Talk to your representative today.