Outdoor Insurance Group Fishing Guide Insurance Clients Are Meeting the Demands of The High Season

Outdoor Insurance Group attracts insurance customers from California to Maine with tailor made Fishing Guide insurance plans that meet individual requirements, depending on many factors including outfit size to specialty.

Estimates exceed 50 million for the number of people who take at least one fishing trip per year.  And summer months are the most popular drawing families and individuals to the sport at lakes, rivers and seaside hot spots. For both experienced and inexperienced anglers, using a guide is the best way to learn more, maximize the catch and stay safe.  With a professional guide, patrons are certain to get the ultimate experience.

Fishing guide insurance coverage is necessary to mitigate risks for the many guides who operate sole proprietorships.  As such, they can be particularly vulnerable to risk of financial loss.  Risk considerations can include:

  • Lawsuits from bodily injury or property damage.
  • Loss of business from poor weather conditions or flooded fishing locations.
  • Damage to expensive equipment.
  • Physical boat damage.

If you’re a fishing guide, buying a secure insurance plan is an important part of being prepared for every eventuality. Even during the busiest of seasons, it’s important to take some time to stay in contact with your insurance professional and continually take inventory of your insurance needs.  Outdoor Insurance Group is staffed with experienced anglers who know what plans will keep fishing businesses safe from financial risks.  They understand exactly how you operate.

If you need a new policy, OIG insurance coverage is low cost and easily obtainable with a quick and simple application process.  Certificates for Government and other licensing agencies are free and OIG will mail the certifications to the offices on your behalf.  You can also rely on your insurance representative to sell all approved forms for US Forest Service and US National Parks and all other licensing agencies.  With attention to keen preparation in every regard you’ll continue to experience a safe and profitable season.

Outdoor Insurance Group insures adventure outfits including hunting, paddle boarding, horseback riding, hiking, kayaking, and ATV tours.  Guides looking to buy, renew, or update an outdoor recreation insurance plan are invited to call today for a free consultation (888) 683-7808.