OIG Shares NSSF’s Five Tips for Shooting Range Success

Shooting ranges pose inherent risks to patrons, employees, and even property.  Appropriate levels of shooting range insurance are hugely important to the financial security of these businesses.  As a gun range operator, you will minimize risk by securing a tailor made insurance policy and get the most cost competitive plan available through professional outdoor insurance agent, Outdoor Insurance Group.  More importantly, proper adherence to safety rules and regulations are an important first step toward ensuring the safety of your range.

The National Shooting Sports Foundation (nssf.org) has developed a Five Star rating more system for shooting ranges that can be an effective guide in your successful business planning.  While information is available in by taking the self-evaluation scorecard on their website, OIG would like to highlight a few of their recommendations for our customers and potential clients as well.

There are six categories in the NSSF Five Star Rating System: Appearance, Management, Customer/ Member Focus, Customer/Member Development, Community Relations and Amenities.

1. Appearance:

Greet your customers with welcoming signage, contact information and informative safety rules.  Maintain clean and professional exterior with easy accessibility.

2. Management:

Keep your customer communications current.  Be sure management and staff  are well-trained and educated on skills, techniques, customer relations, and safety.

3. Consumer Member Focus:

Be sure facilities are well lit, and rest room facilities are kept clean and in proper working condition.  Take care to be sure that your entire facility is handicap accessible.

4. Customer/Member Development:

Offer equipment rentals using only clean and well maintained equipment, complete with eye and ear protection.  Be sure trained instructors are available during all hours of operation or by appointment.  Consider league programs and effective marketing to increase community involvement.

5. Community Relations:

Host activity-related events, be sure your business is represented at local civic and community groups, and support local charities.

6. Amenities:

Offer everything a target shooter could want, a food service and picnic area, for example.

Thanks to the NSSF for creating these beneficial guidelines. Now get out there and promote your booming business.  Get your shooting range insurance at Outdoor Insurance Group.