OIG Outdoor Recreation and Outdoor Adventure Insurance Experts Stress the Importance of Dressing Warm for Winter Activities

The Outdoor Insurance Experts at Outdoor Insurance Group participate in outdoor sports activities throughout the seasons and stress the importance of protecting against the elements.  During the winter months, it’s crucial to be prepared.  Wearing comfortable clothes and staying warm will make being outdoors more enjoyable and help to avoid illness and injury.

With your safety in mind, here’s a checklist of clothing and footwear to keep on hand.

  • Much of your body heat escapes from the head so keeping your head warm is essential.
  • Keeping your fingers warm will improve your performance.
  • To keep feet warm and dry, cold weather waterproof boots with cushioning and good traction are a good choice when paired with warm wool socks.
  • Form fitting under garments made specifically for outdoor wear will keep your core warm by providing extra insulation that your body needs.

From now through early spring, you’re bound to encounter cold temperatures and harsh winds. Preparing the right clothing and footwear will not only keep you comfortable for hours, but it will also improve your performance.  Sport shops are great sources for top quality outdoor gear.

OIG outdoor recreation insurance experts work with individual guides and a host of outdoor adventure outfits nationwide to provide complete insurance strategies that protect from damage and loss.  Some of the outdoor adventure insurance specialized in includes hunting insurance, fishing insurance, recreational vehicle insurance, campground insurance, surfing insurance and more.

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