OIG Outdoor Recreation Insurance and Outdoor Adventure Insurance Make Property Insurance Process Easy

OIG outdoor recreation insurance experts work with individual guides and a host of outdoor adventure outfits nationwide to provide complete insurance strategies that protect from damage and loss.  Some of the outdoor adventure insurance specialized in includes hunting insurance, fishing insurance, horseback riding insurance, recreational vehicle insurance, campground insurance, kayaking insurance, surfing insurance and more.

Business owners provide the necessary information and we find the most cost effective insurance policy that fully protects the future of the business.  We’ve streamlined our process to make the insurance process an easy one, and partner with you to help at every step along the way.

For example, property insurance is of significant importance to guides and outfits that have property and building structures, no matter what the size.

Here’s a listing of what our simple form includes:

  • Building description
  • Distance from fire department
  • Building replacement cost
  • Content value
  • Type and year of construction
  • Type and age of roof
  • Heating, AC and fire alarm type

It’s that easy. We’ll sit down with you and take it from there.  If you’re a guide looking to buy, renew or update an outdoor recreation insurance plan, call today for a free consultation (888) 683-7808.