OIG Offers Hunting Insurance

Outdoor Insurance Group in Lafayette Colorado offers outdoor insurance, (also referred to as outdoor recreation insurance or outdoor adventure insurance) to hundreds of outdoor businesses nationwide. Of particular importance this time of year, is a specialization in hunting insurance based on years of personal interest in the sport on behalf of all employees from the president on down.  A deep understanding of the unique recommended requirements is important for hunting businesses when choosing a hunting insurance provider.

Hunting and Fishing Lodges have specific hunting insurance requirements and difficult to place property needs. Not the least of which is coming in under budget for insurance coverage. OIG’s staff of outdoor insurance experts has been helping hunting activity business owners customize the perfect policy unique to their business for years. Whether they do business on the water, in the forest or desert floor, hunting businesses need coverage they can count on.

Outdoor Insurance Group Hunting Insurance Program Highlights include:




Loss by Crime

Additional Coverage is Available for:

Equine Liability

Transportation of Guests

Workers’ Compensation

When it comes to hunting insurance needs OIG guides businesses to the right coverage.  Keen experience in the insurance industry gives OIG the unique ability to access multiple national insurance companies to design the right coverage at the right price specifically for all types of hunting operations.

If you operate a hunting business, contact us at 1-888-683-7808 for your insurance needs or to take advantage of a free consultation. OIG treats all clients with enthusiasm, respect and a desire to see them succeed.