OIG Hunting Guide Insurance Clients Should Be Sure To Photograph Their Harvests

This is a big season for creating hunting trip memories.  It is good business practice for our hunting guide insurance clients use photography as a marketing tool.  No matter how seasoned the outfit, every guide group can benefit from taking a little extra time to document their hunters’ successes with great photographs.  And with the enhanced technology of today’s smartphones, taking a picture is effortless.  There is no need to carry bulky camera equipment.

For all hunting guides, creating a good quality photo gallery is a great way to attract new clients who are searching for that thrilling experience.

With a library of photographs, hunting guides can take pride in their successes and share the experience with their friends and family, generating more interest in the sport.

Here are a few tips for creating a good quality photo from New York State Department of Conservation.

  • Try to take photos in the field before you field dress your animal. If the photos are taken after the animal is field dressed, clean up as much as possible.
  • Keep the light in the face of the subject and on the game (i.e., keep the sun at the photographer’s back) and make sure hats or other clothing are not shadowing the subject’s face.
  • Check the position of your firearm before taking your photo.
  • On all but the brightest days, use a flash to reduce shadows.
  • Fill the viewfinder with your subject(s). Avoid having a lot of vacant space around the subject(s).
  • Experiment with different compositions using varied poses and camera angles to get the best shot. You can re-position the hunter and game in different background settings, camera angles, etc.

There may be an opportunity to use photos to get some publicity with the Department of Conservation or Tourism in many states. Photo entries are often accepted for public picture galleries on their websites. Sending a professional quality photograph will increase the chance of having a picture posted.  Posting all pictures on Facebook is another way to reach out for more publicity and share successes with all clients, friends and family.  Remember, a picture is worth a thousand words!

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