Office Update

The phones are beginning to get a little bit quieter here at Outdoor Insurance Group, Inc. (OIG).  Most of the hunt clubs who lease land have renewed their policies, and are now in the great outdoors hunting for deer, waterfowl, turkey (or whatever else they are allowed to hunt or fish for) on their leased land.   The renewal date for this policy is August 1st, but since hunting seasons vary from state to state, the busiest part of the “policy renewal season” lasts from June through October, although many will renew even later than that.  OIG has had over 1700 hunt clubs purchase the “Hunt Lease Association of America, LLC” Insurance this year.

The Outfitters & Guides, RV Parks, Bed and Breakfasts, Hunting Preserves, Rod & Gun Clubs and our Consulting Forester’s program continue to keep the phones ringing.   The other day we even had a Colorado Fishing Guide drop into the office to discuss his insurance needs.   Because we do business nationwide, it’s rare that we actually get to meet our customers.  When he walked in, he said, “Any place that has pictures of trout on the walls has my attention”!  It was fun to have him appreciate our art work and get to meet him face to face.  Wish we could meet more of our customers in person.

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