Office Update #2

Phone calls have been plentiful inquiring about our newly added programs for Gun Shops, Firearms Instructors and Shooting Ranges.   The flyer that was mailed out announcing the availability of the Gun Shop coverage has generated a lot of calls from store owners.  When their current policies come up for renewal we love to see if we can save them some money on their insurance for the coming year.  (Besides, who can resist making a call to a place with a sense of humor?)

The newest “craze” in recreation seems to be in Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) businesses.  One of our agents was in California a few weeks ago and said that nearly every third business along the beach was a SUP business.  Many of these are combining their SUP business with YOGA classes.  These classes are for those who can “chew gum and walk at the same time”, obviously!  I wonder what the next “ingenious form” of outdoor recreation for us to insure will be?  Bring it on!

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