Hunting Lease Insurance

For as long as humanity has existed, there has been hunting. While modern agriculture has drastically changed the way humans obtain food, hunting is still important. In addition to shooting game for sport, responsible hunters like yourself also act as conservationists by reducing animal overpopulation.

While hunting remains incredibly popular and there are increased efforts to improve the safety of the sport, you’re probably aware that there are still certain risks to health inherent to hunting. When there is risk, there is also the potential for a lawsuit. This is why individual hunters, hunt clubs and property owners should consider hunt lease insurance.

The Risks

Hunting risks are varied and are unique to the role that a person plays in the hunt. The most obvious concern would be the risk of a hunter accidentally shooting someone else, either another hunter or an innocent bystander who happens by. In fact, you may even be liable if a trespasser is injured while on the property.

There are numerous other areas of potential liability. Here are a few:

Fire: Hunting often involves camping, sometimes for multiple nights. Campers often burn fires for both cooking and warmth. While you may be very careful about fire safety, accidents do happen. Similarly, if you allow people to camp on your land, you can’t very well hover over each campsite to ensure that guests are tending their fires and extinguishing them properly at the end of the evening.

ATV damage: Accidents can happen on your property as well as that of your neighbors. Some insurance specialists point out that ATV drivers sometimes accidentally take out chain or wire fencing put up by farmers. Fixing the damage can be costly, which is why these policies often provide ATV damage coverage.

Self-inflicted gunshot wounds: Unfortunately, both novice and experienced hunters can make miscalculations or be careless. This can result in a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Insurance coverage can help with medical expenses and the cost of recovery.

Operations: As a landowner, you are likely very concerned about making sure that your property is safe and well managed. Unfortunately, overlooking and aspect of your operations can result in an accident that you can be liable for. Insurance can protect you against litigation and financial loss.

The Policies

Hunters and landowners generally have several options when purchasing a policy. Options will depend on the nature of the policy obtained. For example, if your hunt club purchases a policy, the policy could provide member to member coverage, as well as guest hunting lease liability protection so that no one in your organization could be held responsible for damaging a landlord’s property.

Getting a Policy

As with the purchase of any insurance policy, it’s important for consumers to carefully review their needs and discuss coverage with the policy salesperson. Depending on whether you are a hunter, a club representative a landlord or a combination of any of these. Review the policies as well as any riders that are available. In some cases, if you belong to a hunting association, you may be able to receive preferential pricing on your policies.

A Word About Hunt Clubs

One other thing about hunt clubs getting hunt lease insurance: Your club is probably very important to you. In addition to a shared love of the sport, you probably have strong friendships with fellow club members. Unfortunately, accidents can sometimes put strains on relationships when hunting lease liability issues crop up.

When your club has appropriate insurance coverage, you minimize the risk of hard feelings and relationship stress caused by legal hassles and possible litigation. Insurance is not only an investment in the financial well-being of your club and its members, but it is also an investment in the friendships that you all share and cherish.

Final Word

Hunting lease insurance maybe one of the best things you can do to protect yourself, your property and your finances if you are a hunter or landowner. It is not expensive, and it helps to ensure that if something does go wrong, funds will be available assist in the recovery of those who are affected. It will also protect you against financial losses that could be devastating to you and your family.