Hunting Guide Insurance Specialists at Outdoor Insurance Group Share American Hunter’s Fall Turkey Hunting Tips

Hunting Guide Insurance experts at Outdoor Insurance Group are all hunters at heart. As active participants in the sport, we understand the intricacies of insuring hunting guides and know the exact type and amount of insurance they need to protect their businesses.

Fall is one of the best times to hunt. We found these great turkey hunting tips at and thank Doug Howlett for sharing. For the complete article visit

1. Forget the Break

Properly busting the birds can be a challenge for some hunters, particularly older hunters or hunters without a good turkey dog. You basically have to run at the flock or fire your gun near them to spook them toward different directions. If they all run or fly off together, there will be no need for them to call to get back together and you’ll have to attempt to break them again.

2. Match the Call

When working fall birds your direction—particularly hens or young birds—the idea is to create a frantic sense of urgency to be together. To do this, whether after a break or simply working an entire flock your way, call plaintively until a bird responds.

3. Be Early

Since wild turkeys hit the ground at sunup and roam about for the balance of the day before roosting just prior to dusk, many fall hunters don’t worry too much if they aren’t in position until well after sunrise. This can be a big mistake unless you are certain where a flock will be loafing and feeding after flydown.

4. Get Wet

Like humans, turkeys hate the rain. But unlike humans, they have nowhere to go to get out of it. Hit the open areas during or just after a heavy rain and you’ll be in position to score quickly and easily.

5. Cluck for Toms

When you happen upon a band of toms you’ll almost always need to break them up in order to call them back in. Take your time setting up on the break and instead of a lot of hen yelping and cutting, go with deep-pitched clucks—just one or two—every four to five minutes or deep, slow jake yelps.

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