Horseback Riding Business Insurance

Horseback Riding Business Insurance Covers Unique Business Risks

Horseback riding instructors can often accommodate riders of every interest ranging from children and ponies to adult trail riding trails. Whatever the case, the upcoming Fall season is a great time to take advantage of the cooler weather and changing leaves to fully promote this fun filled activity.

Business owners in the horseback riding arena must prepare for every risk-related eventuality. Live animals post unique situations and proper horseback riding business insurance is vital. Wikipedia explains some of the inherent risks, noting that when mounted, a rider’s head can be 13 feet from the ground, and horses can travel at up to 40 mph.

Each year an estimated 30 million people ride horses in the U.S., resulting in one emergency room visit per 600 riders. Falling from the horse is the most common, followed by being kicked, trampled, and bitten. Injuries scale down in percentage from arm fractures or dislocation, to head injury, to leg fracture or dislocation, and chest injury. Injuries can range from very minor injuries to fatality.

Protection against injury for you, your employees and your patrons, is of the utmost importance when purchasing horseback riding insurance. Specialty outdoor insurance agents like Outdoor Insurance Group create complete and individualized horseback riding business insurance plans providing coverage for protection of damage to barns, stalls and additional property; equipment; and business vehicles. All policies approved by National Parks, State Forests and BLM. For complete confidence that your business is properly protected visit to arrange a consultation today.