Hire An Experienced Guide

It’s Deer Hunting Season.  Hiring a guide is a safe and sound practice for hunters of every level, as a single or group activity.

What to look for in your hunting guide.

When searching for a guide, be sure that he has a good hunting guide insurance plan.  A guide with a good insurance plan will be a true leader who won’t put his business at risk of financial catastrophe.  Seeing how much he cares for his business should provide you with a good idea of how he will care for you.

A top notch hunting guide will know the value of a good deer hunting insurance plan and work with a specialty insurance agent to secure a complete plan that offers you, and your friends and family protection in case of accidents.

One of the main goals of a hunting guide is to keep his or her hunters safe from the outset.

The best way to be safe on a hunt is to hire an experienced licensed guide that is familiar with regulations, land restrictions, equipment and shooting practices.

Professional guides have the sensibility to always be aware of hunters and their surroundings to offer as much protection as possible in avoiding shooting accidents.

They will always work within the hunter’s experience level and never add risk by giving a hunter more than they can handle.  He will be fully aware of your shooting capabilities as well as your physical limits.

A knowledgeable guide will always be able to avoid hazardous conditions, anticipate adverse changes in the weather and steer clear of dangerous obstacles in the wilderness.

They will also be certified in first aid and CPR.

Finally, a professional guide will bear the responsibility for safely cleaning and preparing any carcasses for processing or travel.

Remember, a smart hunting guide will work with the best in the business insurance agent to get complete insurance coverage. OIG is one of the top providers of outdoor and adventure insurance nationwide.  If you’re a guide looking to buy, renew or update and insurance plan, call today for a free consultation (888) 683-7808.