RV Parks and Campgrounds Insurance

Good Insurance Coverage for RV Parks and Campgrounds is Essential

And while it’s a great time for adventurers to take to the open road to enjoy the Fall season on wheels, for park owners, transitioning though the seasons should always include a thorough review of insurance coverage. Whether these businesses add or change services, or if their policy is nearing the end of its term, it’s important for them to be properly insured with the right plan designed just for them.

Outdoor Insurance Group Says Thorough RV Park Insurance and Campground Insurance Plans Will Protect Businesses from All Risks

RV and campground insurance are specializations that require an insurance provider to know the specific risks that are faced by their businesses in particular. With detailed operating knowledge of RV parks and campgrounds, specialty insurance agents can design a complete address each and every risk. Outdoor Insurance Group has a strong track record in designing individualized plans that keep park and campground owners focused on their profitability — not the potential for loss because of inadequate insurance coverage.

For each insured client, OIG Carefully considers the risks associated with all of the activities and services their destination may provide from fishing and outdoor sports to rest areas and hospitality services.

Proper coverage includes general liability, personal injury, weather-related damages, workplace hazards and more. OIG offers cost effective policies that combine coverage areas to protect against everything from loss of business to litigation. RV parks and campgrounds create a secure future for themselves when insurance is made a top priority.