Good Hunt Lease Insurance

Over the past 10 years, liability insurance has become a standard hunting lease requirement. In many cases, private and corporate landowners actually require liability insurance before the hunting lease is finalized.  Buy it here:  HUNT LEASE INSURANCE

Although frequently required, this insurance is often misunderstood. Simply stated, liability insurance is designed to provide coverage for hunting clubs and their members for acts which they could be held legally responsible. Thus, the insurance is designed to lessen the risk associated with occurrences caused by a negligent act of the hunting club (or members and guests). Elements of public liability or general liability insurance should include:

1.         Member-to-member liability coverage for cross-member liability claims.

2.         Guest liability coverage to provide coverage to the club for acts of their guests.

3.         Landowners as additional insureds to provide landowners with coverage for acts of the hunting club.

4.         No exclusionary endorsements should be present for activities specific to hunting operations such as tree stands, ATVs, and firearms.

Clearly, all hunters and landowners should be aware of the risks they take by not having adequate liability insurance. It’s simply not worth risking all of your personal assets or your family’s security due to unfortunate accidents or acts of your hunting club members/guests.