Fishing Guide Insurance Plan

Fishing Guides: A Good Fishing Guide Insurance Plan Will Protect Your Outfit When Fishing Accidents Strike

Whether your patrons are enjoying a peaceful fly fishing adventure or a wildly adventurous sport fishing trip, there are always risks involved.  Whatever type of trip you offer, a tailor made fishing guide insurance plan will cover your outfit from all fishing-related risks and accidents.  Regardless of your experience and personal commitment to the health and safety of your patrons, accidents can and do happen.

Outdoor Insurance Group offers a few tips for preventing serious accidents that can personally affect your guest or even temporarily or permanently shut down your business:

  • Always report the location of your trip someone and be sure to carry a cell phone
  • Be mindful of the physical safety of your fishermen and women. Don’t push anyone beyond their physical limitations
  • Be sure that they rely on your expertise where knowledge of tactics and equipment are concerned
  • Take care to ensure that decks are safe by clearing them of clutter, debris, mud and water
  • Do not overload your boat and check safety equipment before every excursion
  • Avoid accidents by restricting alcohol use on your trips
  • Follow all speed and open water regulations
  • Talk all precautions against injury by stocking first aid supplies and drowning by checking to be sure you have operable flotation devices and enough for each passenger
  • Be aware of the possibility of animal attacks when out in the wild

Be mindful of all of these risks and take precautions to keep your customers safe and ensure a bright future for your business.  With a solid  fishing guide insurance plan, you can focus on what you do best, treat your fishermen to good times all year long — and keep them coming back.   Call OIG for a free consultation today and you’ll be working with the best in the business (888) 683-7808.