Getting Ready for Fall With Outdoor Insurance Group

Here’s a simple checklist of 10 things you can do to start getting your outdoor adventure business ready for fall:

  1. Check all equipment for necessary repairs and replacement needs
  2. Restock essential supplies
  3. Clear outside of all trash, recyclables and clutter
  4. Update signage to be sure it’s clearly visible from the street, clean and easy to read, and properly represents your offerings
  5. Do some landscaping to clear out weeds and dead plants, and replace them with mums and ornamental grasses
  6. Check to be sure your heating system is working and ready for cooler weather
  7. Update social media Posts and calendars to change with the season
  8. Look for community-oriented events where you can promote your Fall activities
  9. Organize files, paperwork and update client listings
  10. And finally, review your insurance policy with your OIG representative to be sure you’re covered for the new season! Check accuracy of additional insureds, certificate holders, property values, etc.