Firearms Instructor Insurance

Firearms Instructor Insurance Guards Against Risks

Firearms Instructor Insurance is a specialty insurance that protects against the inherent risks faced by trained professional instructors in their day to day operations.

Instructors need to remain vigilant, protecting against the risk of all accidents including injury, damage, negligence and even the slight chance of a fatality. Depending on the type of training you do and the facility in which you operate, you need an individualized plan that is cost effective and addresses your particular liabilities.

Firearms Instructor Insurance covers a complete range of insurance types that are essential to your business.  No matter if you are a sole proprietor or run a larger operation, our plans offer you complete coverage for injuries and medical expenses, damage to your facility or personal property of your clients, and the threat of legal action.

Selecting the right firearms instructor plan is best done in partnership with a professional.  With keen knowledge of the industry, insurance specialists will help you select a plan that is competitive industry and can save you money.  At Outdoor Insurance Group, quality service will continue long after you purchase the best policy for you.  Our knowledgeable staff is always on hand to assist clients with challenging claim issues and periodic reviews to assess changing coverage needs.

As an instructor, you are bound to promote safe firearm handling among your patrons.  Be sure to take the same care to ensure that you and your business are safe as well.