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Employee Dishonesty: Commercial Crime Coverages

We have recently found Campground employees have been caught keeping rents.  How do I protect my business from employee dishonesty?  What about theft of money by others? If you ghave guests or employees you have an exposure to theft: Below are basic explanations of available Commercial Crime insurance coverages.

The basic Commercial Crime Coverages are as follows:

1. Employee Theft – loss of money, securities or other property resulting directly from theft committed by an employee

2. Forgery or Alteration – loss from forgery or alteration of checks, drafts, promissory notes…that are made or drawn on your account by someone acting as your agent. This helps protect against forgery losses caused by a person other than an employee.

3. Inside the Premises – Theft of Money and Securities – helps cover loss of your money and securities by theft, disappearance or destruction and damage to your premises or building and damage to a locked safe, vault, cash register, box or drawer from an actual or attempted theft or unlawful entry. This coverage helps protect against theft and damages caused by a person other than an employee.

4. Inside the Premises – Robbery or Safe Burglary of Other Property – covers robbery of a custodian or safe burglary and damage to the premises or building or safe of “other property” that is other than Money and Securities. This protects from loss again by those other than your employees.

5. Outside the Premises – loss of money and securities or other property, outside the premises, in the care and custody of a messenger or an armored car resulting from theft, disappearance or destruction.

6. Computer Fraud – loss of or damage to money, securities and other property resulting directly from the use of any computer to fraudulently cause a transfer of that property from inside the premises or banking premises to a person or a place outside the premises.

7. Money Orders and Counterfeit Paper – loss resulting from your having accepted in good faith, in exchange for merchandise, money or services: 1. money orders that are not paid upon presentation or 2. counterfeit paper currency that is acquired during the regular course of business.

Other coverages available by endorsement at additional costs:

8. Clients’ Property – theft of your clients money, securities or other property by one of your employees

9. Funds Transfer Fraud – loss of funds by a “fraudulent instruction” directing a financial institution to transfer, pay or deliver funds from your account. This includes electronic, cable, fax or telephone instructions or written instructions fraudulently purporting to be you but which was in fact fraudulently transmitted by someone else without your knowledge or consent.

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