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OIG Shares NSSF’s Five Tips for Shooting Range Success

Shooting ranges pose inherent risks to patrons, employees, and even property.  Appropriate levels of shooting range insurance are hugely important to the financial security of these businesses.  As a gun range operator, you will minimize risk by securing a tailor made insurance policy and get the most cost competitive plan available through professional outdoor insurance agent, Outdoor Insurance Group.  More importantly, proper adherence to safety rules and regulations are an important first step toward ensuring the safety of your range.

The National Shooting Sports Foundation ( has developed a Five Star rating more system for shooting ranges that can be an effective guide in your successful business planning.  While information is available in by taking the self-evaluation scorecard on their website, OIG would like to highlight a few of their recommendations for our customers and potential clients as well.

There are six categories in the NSSF Five Star Rating System: Appearance, Management, Customer/ Member Focus, Customer/Member Development, Community Relations and Amenities.

1. Appearance:

Greet your customers with welcoming signage, contact information and informative safety rules.  Maintain clean and professional exterior with easy accessibility.

2. Management:

Keep your customer communications current.  Be sure management and staff  are well-trained and educated on skills, techniques, customer relations, and safety.

3. Consumer Member Focus:

Be sure facilities are well lit, and rest room facilities are kept clean and in proper working condition.  Take care to be sure that your entire facility is handicap accessible.

4. Customer/Member Development:

Offer equipment rentals using only clean and well maintained equipment, complete with eye and ear protection.  Be sure trained instructors are available during all hours of operation or by appointment.  Consider league programs and effective marketing to increase community involvement.

5. Community Relations:

Host activity-related events, be sure your business is represented at local civic and community groups, and support local charities.

6. Amenities:

Offer everything a target shooter could want, a food service and picnic area, for example.

Thanks to the NSSF for creating these beneficial guidelines. Now get out there and promote your booming business.  Get your shooting range insurance at Outdoor Insurance Group.

Insurance you need

Insurance you need

According to Forbes Magazine, there are 13 types of insurance a small business should have:

General Liability, Property, Business Owner’s Policy, Commercial Auto, Worker’s Compensation, Professional Liability, Directors and Officers, Data Breach, Homeowner’s, Renter’s Insurance, Life Insurance, Personal Automobile Insurance, and Personal Umbrella. While all of these may not apply to your business, let us help you decide.



Client in the Spotlight

Client in the Spotlight

Beaus Outdoors is a close group of elite hunters who are master outdoorsmen and superior callers in the waterfowl game.  “Our agent is very professional in his work and driven to give you the best service he can. Being an avid outdoorsman himself his knowledge of policies go hand and hand with his knowledge of hunting and fishing at the commercial/ outfitting level.”  Owner, Beau Davis 

Did you know?

Did you know?


Large corporations have a risk management unit to ensure that the business is protected against liabilities to avoid unforeseen financial obligations. A luxury that small businesses can’t afford. Your OIG representative is trained in risk analysis pertaining specifically to your type of business. (specific knowledge, re, state requirements, tax implications?) They will plan your risk-management strategy by custom tailoring your plan to meet your business’s unique protection needs.

Meet Michelle Jaramillo

Our team in action!


Meet  Michelle Jaramillo

Agency & Operations Manager


Tell us about yourself. 

I am originally from Nebraska, but moved out to Colorado in 2001. I graduated from Bellevue University in NE with a BA in Business Management.  This year I am celebrating my 10 year wedding anniversary.  I have 3 boys ranging in ages from 7-18.


What’s your first memory of the outdoors?

I spent most of my time outside as a kid playing. We only went camping once and that was a disaster. I got sick and my mom had to bring me home.  I didn’t really get into outdoorsy stuff until I met my husband 13 years ago. Even though I would have liked to do more of that as a child, I’m making up for it now! 



What outdoor activities do you participate in today?  What’s your favorite?

Camping, Hunting, Hiking, Recreational shooting of guns & archery.   I would say camping first, but shooting & archery are a really close second.


Any other interesting hobbies not necessarily related to outdoors?

 I enjoy scrapbooking, reading, quilting, bingo, and spending time with my family & friends.


How long have you been at OIG?

I have been Agency & Operations Manager since the company started. I handle the M-Z book, run all reports, am the tech go to, help Glenn with random projects, attend trade shows, train the staff, honestly I do it all .


What do you like about your job?

I like that I am involved with everything and still constantly learning. I still get scenarios and questions I have never been asked about and will do whatever it takes to find the answers. I value all of the relationships that I have built over the years with my clients and co-workers..

 What makes you good at your job?  I really care about what I do and the clients that I deal with.  I give 100% of myself and pride myself in being a hard worker.


 What advice would you give to clients about the importance of insurance?

No one thinks they need insurance until something happens & it definitely isn’t something to skimp on.


Why should outdoor activities businesses come to OIG?

 Because we really value our clients and provide the best customer service.

OIG News

Glenn Sudol, President of OIG, with wife Sally at Boca Grande in Florida

Our mission is to ensure that all of our valued clients have the proper coverage to conduct a successful business — without the burden of operational risk.  Spring is a time of renewal for all of us both personally and professionally.  As your recreation business prepares for the busy seasons ahead, take the opportunity to work with OIG to assess changes and improvements you are planning, employee staffing issues, property management, and more.  We may see risk areas that you never even thought of.  Gear up for the profit that lies ahead, without worry, knowing that we have your back.  Call us today.  

Avian Flu for Hunting Preserve

Found this article to be interesting, if you own a hunting preserve and raise gamebirds(ducks).  Communicable diseases not covered by liability policies so really would be a bad thing for anyone who was sued for spread of this disease.  Outdoor insurance is your specialty insurance consultant.  #1, Penn State University’s Dr. Eva Pendleton-Wallner explains this outbreak of Avian Influenza, and why all gamebird (duck hunting farm raised birds) businesses must take this disease seriously!  Click to view the article.

Crime Coverages

Employee Dishonesty: Commercial Crime Coverages

We have recently found Campground employees have been caught keeping rents.  How do I protect my business from employee dishonesty?  What about theft of money by others? If you ghave guests or employees you have an exposure to theft: Below are basic explanations of available Commercial Crime insurance coverages. Continue reading

Stand Up Paddle Season


Isn’t SUP fun?

Time to get your liability insurance in order for the up coming SUP rental season.  At Outdoor Insurance we have negotiated some great pricing for new outfitters.  We are your Specialty Insurance Consultants for SUP guiding, outfitting.  Look forward to working with you.