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Five Tips for Getting Your Dogs Ready for Fall

Five Tips for Getting Your Dogs Ready for Fall

Outdoor Insurance Group offers five tips for getting your canine companions ready for fall.  While we’re securing your duck hunting club insurance or hunt club insurance to protect your business, you can prepare your dog for a great season.

  1. It’s important to begin by making sure that your dog is healthy, well exercised and maintaining a good weight. Pay a pre-season visit to the vet for a health check up and be sure your pup is up to date on shots.  Use one of the many topical, pill or collar options to protect from tick and flea infestation. You want your dog to be at optimal health to ensure their safety and well-being throughout the hunting season.
  2. The best hunting dogs are obedient ones. Your dog’s understanding of basic commands like sit, stay and heel will keep their attention focused on your commands throughout your hunts.  Your dog should be able to follow your commands, whether you are sitting in the woods or wading through water.
  3. Recondition your dog to gunfire practicing with single and multiple shots. For optimal retrieval, your dog should be comfortable and calm with the sounds. Reinforce their reaction to your command to move ahead only after being released from a lead.
  4. Take your dog on a few practice runs to refresh their marking skills in both open fields and high brush. Start with dummy birds and wings, moving on to live birds wherever possible.
  5. Not only is it important to wear clothing that can ensure your safety, make sure people can see your dog. Bright colored harness or reflective collars will provide high visibility to protect your dog. Keep a medical kit with gauze pads and antibiotic ointment on hand in case of an emergency.

Now go on out and get ready for a great hunting season!



Getting Ready for Fall With Outdoor Insurance Group

Here’s a simple checklist of 10 things you can do to start getting your outdoor adventure business ready for fall:

  1. Check all equipment for necessary repairs and replacement needs
  2. Restock essential supplies
  3. Clear outside of all trash, recyclables and clutter
  4. Update signage to be sure it’s clearly visible from the street, clean and easy to read, and properly represents your offerings
  5. Do some landscaping to clear out weeds and dead plants, and replace them with mums and ornamental grasses
  6. Check to be sure your heating system is working and ready for cooler weather
  7. Update social media Posts and calendars to change with the season
  8. Look for community-oriented events where you can promote your Fall activities
  9. Organize files, paperwork and update client listings
  10. And finally, review your insurance policy with your OIG representative to be sure you’re covered for the new season! Check accuracy of additional insureds, certificate holders, property values, etc.
Zika Virus

How to Stay Up-to-Date on the Zika Virus This Summer

Our outdoor recreation clients may face questions about the dangers of the Zika virus this summer. Here’s some information that can help all adventure outfits accurately inform customers about the status of the virus here in the U.S.

What is Zika?

While Zika virus is a mosquito-borne illness, there have been confirmed cases of transmission through sexual contact and blood transfusion. The virus was discovered in Africa in 1947.

Zika in the U.S.

While cases have been reported in 45 U.S. states, the disease is believed to have been contracted outside of the U.S. and no mosquitos in the states to date have tested positive for the disease.

Associated Risks

Zika, which can be spread from a pregnant woman to her fetus, has been linked to microcephaly in newborns, severe brain malformations and other birth defects. The virus may also be linked to Guillain-Barré syndrome, which can affect individuals of any age or sex.


As of today, the illness cannot be prevented by vaccines. While the creation of a vaccine is in the works, The University of Texas Medical branch has predicted that it could take up to two years to develop a vaccine, but more time may be needed before an effective Zika vaccine is approved by regulators for public use.


The best course of action is prevention. Everyone should make an effort to prevent bites with insect repellent and cover as much of the body with clothing as possible during outdoor activities. Wherever feasible, mosquito nets can be used to decrease contact. Getting rid of standing water sources can decrease mosquito reproduction.

With mosquito season approaching, government officials are taking precautions to combat the growth of the mosquito population.
The CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) is an invaluable source for more information. Visit their website at: