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OIG Protects Outdoor Recreation Insurance Clients from Hurricane Risks

Outdoor Insurance Group offers complete outdoor recreation insurance coverage packages that guard against all catastrophic occurrences including natural disasters.  Hurricane season is upon us and we saw Harvey hit the Houston area leaving behind billions of dollars in damages.  Irma now threatens the Southeast with the potential to significantly impact the safety of businesses and individuals alike.  Due to their very nature, outdoor recreation outfits are particularly vulnerable.

It’s never too late to check with your insurance provider to be sure that you have the appropriate amount of outdoor recreation insurance coverage if you’re subjected to frequent storm threats.  After the fact, if you experience loss, your first step is to contact your insurance representative to begin to rebuild your business as quickly as possible.  In addition, there are other resources at hand.  After contacting your insurance agent, you can find many valuable resources at the Small Business Administration for example.

If you need help after experiencing a hurricane, visit the SBA for a helpful listing of five steps to hurricane recovery for victims at

As outdoor recreation insurance specialists, we must apply our own intimate knowledge and skill in all activities and risks so we can create tailored insurance plans for each and every customer’s unique needs.  OIG insures hunting and fishing guides, surfing and paddleboard outfits, RV camps, and more. Knowing all about the sport you’re in and the business you operate, we can develop the perfect outdoor recreation insurance solution for your business.  Whether you run your own outdoor adventure outfit or have an idea for a new one, call an OIG expert today for a free consultation (888) 683-7808.

At OIG Get The Best Hunting Guide Insurance

As one of the leading outdoor insurance specialists, Outdoor Insurance Group offers hunting guides the best hunting insurance and knows the ins and outs of protecting hunting businesses.  If you’re a guide, you make your living in the outdoors often relying rely on specialized motor vehicles or boats, or perhaps even horses. Because of your unique operations, you need a specialized policy. As lifelong hunters ourselves, we understand your risks and can tailor a policy that will work for you at a reasonable price.

Hunting guides need general liability insurance. Quality guide insurance or outfitter insurance will keep you in good standing with the Forest Service, National Park, BLM and your private landowners.  We offer only premier service for fast issuance of certificates with top notch customer service.

As a top provider, OIG is able to access to multiple national insurance companies for competitive offerings. This allows them to design the right coverage at the right price specifically for your operation.  We can provide general liability protection that includes the use of ATVs, boats, horses and tree stands. We can also insure your property against loss.

Contact us for all of your hunting insurance needs.  We will treat you the way you treat your clients, with enthusiasm, respect and the desire to see them succeed.  Call us at (888) 683-7808.

Outdoor Insurance Group Thrives On Its Great Reputation

Outdoor Insurance Group ( lives up to its name and nationwide reputation for excellent service based on an extensive knowledge of adventure recreation special needs among all representatives.  Outdoor recreation refers to leisure pursuits taking place in the outdoors, most often involving natural rural environments. Examples include backpackingcyclingcampingcanoeingfishinghikinghorseback ridinghuntingkayakingsurfing, paddle boarding, and ATV riding, and we insure them all.  Because of the nature of these activities practiced in an outdoor setting, there is always an element of risk. But, there are many more benefits compared to risks, so there is little need for worry when engaging in these activities.  Participants experience enjoyment, health benefits and team building among other plusses.

Professional experts who guide these activities will offer protection and protect their own businesses with outdoor insurance or adventure insurance.  Outdoor activities require specialty insurance.  And, we’re sure that OIG’s national client base would agree that there are many reasons why we’re the best choice.  If you’re a guide or outdoor business, here are a few reasons why:

  1. OIG is one of the largest specialty insurance agencies providing risk management and insurance products exclusively to the outdoor recreation business.
  2. OIG provides insurance PRODUCTS AND SERVICES from coast to coast in all 50 states.
  3. OIG’s knowledge of the outdoors combined with our experience in the insurance industry gives us the unique ability to access multiple national insurance companies to design the RIGHT COVERAGE at the RIGHT PRICE.
  4. OIG is a proven agent providing insurance coverage and solutions for consulting foresters, RV parks and campgrounds, hunt clubs and leases, destination resorts, ­­­­and many other outdoor-related business ventures.
  5. OIG can be CONTACTED 24/7. You will be treated the way you treat your clients…with enthusiasm, respect and a desire to see them succeed.

OIG is led by Glenn Sudol, an INSURANCE EXPERT in the specialized outdoor insurance industry.  Guides looking to buy, renew, or update an insurance plan are invited to call today for a free consultation (888) 683-7808.

Outdoor Insurance Group Fishing Guide Insurance Clients Are Meeting the Demands of The High Season

Outdoor Insurance Group attracts insurance customers from California to Maine with tailor made Fishing Guide insurance plans that meet individual requirements, depending on many factors including outfit size to specialty.

Estimates exceed 50 million for the number of people who take at least one fishing trip per year.  And summer months are the most popular drawing families and individuals to the sport at lakes, rivers and seaside hot spots. For both experienced and inexperienced anglers, using a guide is the best way to learn more, maximize the catch and stay safe.  With a professional guide, patrons are certain to get the ultimate experience.

Fishing guide insurance coverage is necessary to mitigate risks for the many guides who operate sole proprietorships.  As such, they can be particularly vulnerable to risk of financial loss.  Risk considerations can include:

  • Lawsuits from bodily injury or property damage.
  • Loss of business from poor weather conditions or flooded fishing locations.
  • Damage to expensive equipment.
  • Physical boat damage.

If you’re a fishing guide, buying a secure insurance plan is an important part of being prepared for every eventuality. Even during the busiest of seasons, it’s important to take some time to stay in contact with your insurance professional and continually take inventory of your insurance needs.  Outdoor Insurance Group is staffed with experienced anglers who know what plans will keep fishing businesses safe from financial risks.  They understand exactly how you operate.

If you need a new policy, OIG insurance coverage is low cost and easily obtainable with a quick and simple application process.  Certificates for Government and other licensing agencies are free and OIG will mail the certifications to the offices on your behalf.  You can also rely on your insurance representative to sell all approved forms for US Forest Service and US National Parks and all other licensing agencies.  With attention to keen preparation in every regard you’ll continue to experience a safe and profitable season.

Outdoor Insurance Group insures adventure outfits including hunting, paddle boarding, horseback riding, hiking, kayaking, and ATV tours.  Guides looking to buy, renew, or update an outdoor recreation insurance plan are invited to call today for a free consultation (888) 683-7808.

Outdoor Insurance Group’s Horseback Riding Insurance Protects Trail Riding Businesses

Horseback riders are safe when stables are protected with horseback riding insurance. So get out there and enjoy this popular adventure activity. Summer is a great time for outdoor enthusiasts to visit a country stable to take advantage of a trail ride through beautiful and lush scenery.  Horses are trained to accommodate every level of experience and guides are knowledgeable in matching to a rider’s skill level. They can’t afford the risk of unnecessary accidents that may affect their business.

According to the experts, the levels of experience can be broken down as follows:  Total Beginner, Advanced Beginner, Confident Beginner, Novice, Intermediate, Advanced and Professionals.

Visit online an organization called The Long Riders’ Guild Academic Foundation which operates an informational website that is a commercial-free academic source of equestrian travel information.  The site contact address is: for more information.

Protection against injury for horseback riding professionals, their employees and patrons as well, is of the utmost importance when purchasing horseback riding insurance. Specialty outdoor insurance agents like Outdoor Insurance Group create complete and individualized horseback riding business insurance plans providing coverage for protection of damage to barns, stalls and additional property; equipment; and business vehicles. All policies approved by National Parks, State Forests and BLM.  For complete confidence that your business is properly protected visit Outdoor Insurance Group at to arrange a consultation today.

Outdoor Insurance Group Tips on Sun Protection

As experts in outdoor recreation insurance and outdoor adventure insurance, Outdoor Insurance Group (OIG) advocates protecting patrons in more ways than one. Our clients include fishing and hunting guides, surf camps, RV parks and a world of additional outdoor adventure outfits. Every activity insured can take place under the sun where protection is of the utmost importance.

Sun exposure poses serious risks. lists risks including pre-cancerous and cancerous skin legions, benign tumors, dilation of small vessels under the skin and the destruction of elastic tissue. There are many types of skin cancer. Melanoma, made up of abnormal skin pigment cells called melanocytes, is the most serious form of skin cancer and causes 75% of all skin cancer deaths. Left untreated, it can spread to other organs and is difficult to control.

Exposure to sun can be limited with proper clothing and sun screen. Select sunscreen with SPFs between 15 and 50 based on your own skin sensitivity and duration of sun exposure, and be sure to reapply often. Do some research on brand names to gauge a product’s safety and effectiveness. Zinc oxide is most effective at blocking the sun. Whatever you choose, avoid sunscreen with Vitamin A (retinyl palmitate or retinol) as government data show that it can cause tumors and lesions to develop sooner. Avoid sprays which may be harmful to breathe.

OIG staff is more than equipped to assess all of the individual risks for clients, whatever the recreational activity, with its years of specialty insurance experience. Outdoor Insurance Group experts ensure that every client is protected from every eventuality. No two companies are insured with the exact same plan. Depending on individual needs, adventure outfits can be sure that OIG will give them a specific and cost-effective outdoor recreation insurance plan that is designed exclusively for their business. Whether you need to purchase a policy, add to your existing plan, or simply review your requirements to be sure that you are fully ensured, visit for personal service that makes a difference in properly managing your risk.

Busy Spring for Outdoor Insurance

Outdoor Recreation Insurance Professionals at OIG Gear Up for a Busy Spring

In many areas of the country, it was a mild winter. Spring can’t be far behind.  Outdoor Insurance Group is reviewing outdoor recreation insurance and outdoor adventure insurance policies for its clients, making sure that they are well prepared for the busy months ahead.

Is it time for a full review of your outdoor recreation insurance policy plan?

Operating risks for all outdoor recreation businesses including those offering fishing, boating, kayaking, cycling, horseback riding, hiking, canoeing, cycling, and rv and camping adventures are generally impacted as customer levels grow with warmer weather.  This poses the need for seasonal considerations when creating a complete insurance plan that may not be as pertinent to other business types.  Ample protection addresses all areas of insurance coverage including liability, business property, personal injury, hazard and loss of business. But only a professional specializing in outdoor insurance can properly assess insurance requirements.  The levels of protection required to fully cover all associated risks pertaining to seasonal changes in business are unique to every outfit.

As one of the top providers of outdoor and adventure insurance nationwide, Outdoor Insurance Group (OIG) insures hundreds of outdoor recreation businesses throughout the country.  If you’re an owner or know of an owner who is looking to buy, renew or update a personalized, cost-effective insurance plan, call today for a free consultation (888) 683-7808.  We are avid sportsmen and adventurers ourselves, and we know your business.

Health Benefits of Being Outdoors

Outdoor Adventure Insurance Company OIG Promotes Health Benefits of Being Outdoors

Outdoor Insurance Group serves outdoor adventure companies in all areas for all seasons with personal outdoor adventure insurance plans designed exclusively for them.  All in all, whatever activity they offer, these companies have one thing in common, promoting a healthy lifestyle.

In the outdoor insurance world, insurance coverage offered by OIG covers all risks related to accidents so customers can focus on what they do best – adventure.  In our experience, we’ve seen that any outdoor adventure can promote an improvement in mental well-being, physical strength, and confidence levels.  An added benefit is that while engaging in physical activities based on common interests, people are inclined to build personal social relationships.  Step away from your social media engagements and get outdoors to experience all of these benefits.

The winter months offer a broad range of sporting options.  Our outdoor adventure insurance clients offer hunting and fishing trips, sport clay shooting, snow mobile tours, ATV tours, horseback riding, and more.  Hiring a guide for your activity of choice will keep you safe and ensure that you have a great time.  A professional guide will plan your adventure to suit your personal interests and desired activity level.  Once you’ve determined what activity you’d like to participate in, check out options online and choose an outfit that has a good reputation and experienced team.  Look for favorable reviews and testimonials.  Reach out to friends for their recommendations and be sure to pass yours along.

There is a reason that the outdoor recreation business is growing.  By participating in just one activity, you’ll know why.  You will feel great, have a deeper appreciation for nature, and have a host of new memories to share.  With newfound enthusiasm, you will be more inclined to repeat the activity or be encouraged to try something new.  Leave the stressful and sedentary lifestyle of hectic modern living behind for a few hours, days or even longer.  You’ll be glad you did and likely do it again.

As one of the top providers of outdoor and adventure insurance nationwide, Outdoor Insurance Group OIG insures hundreds of hunting guides throughout the country.  If you’re a guide or know of a guide that’s looking to buy, renew or update a personalized, cost-effective insurance plan, call today for a free consultation (888) 683-7808.

Benefit of Outdoor Adventure

Outdoor Adventure Insurance Experts Tout Benefits of Outdoor Activities

The benefits of outdoor adventure activities have been highlighted in studies conducted all over the world. We’ve looked at research from reports compiled in the U.S., UK, Australia, Scotland, and more. There prove to be positive effects in the short term, as well as continued gains over time, in both children and adults.

As outdoor adventure insurance experts, we see it every day. Children who participate in outdoor activities develop a more positive attitude. By challenging themselves in a natural environment, they can build independence, self-confidence, and coping strategies. Group activities promote interpersonal and social skills, such as social communication skills and teamwork.

Without question, outdoor recreation provides an opportunity to increase quality of life and heighten social interaction. In adults, physical activity in the natural environment promotes greater well-being, and an increased ability to function better at work and home.

Outdoor Insurance Group insures adventure outfits including hunting, fishing, paddle boarding, horseback riding, hiking, kayaking, and ATV tours, all of which offer health benefits. Using a professional guide for these activities can help you get the most out of every experience. Guides looking to buy, renew, or update an insurance plan are invited to call today for a free consultation (888) 683-7808.

Outdoor Weather Risks

Outdoor Insurance Group.  We are experts in outdoor adventure insurance, outdoor recreation insurance, and everything outdoors.   Safely enjoying winter activities means knowing the risk factors and preparing ahead to guards against weather related illness and injury.

Our clients for hunting guide insurance, fishing guide insurance, snow mobile insurance, and more, are skilled outdoorsmen, and they know that seasonal temperatures can pose risks to everyone.

Here are the top winter weather dangers to be aware of when you venture outdoors.  A few precautions can help keep outdoor recreation activities safe from cold weather risks.

  1. Frostbite
    Frostbite occurs with prolonged exposure to very cold temperatures freezing the skin.  Body extremities are most susceptible including feet, nose, hands and ears. When your body freezes, blood vessels contract and oxygen to these areas is restricted because they are further from a body’s core.

    Frostbite often firstly goes undetected because it causes numbness. With immediate medical attention, most people recover from frostbite. However, in cases of severe frostbite, harmful damage is possible and can lead to amputation.

  2. Hypothermia
    In winter weather, a person’s body can lose heat faster than they can produce it, resulting in hypothermia, or abnormally low body temperature. It can happen gradually, causing tiredness, slurring of speech, and confusion, and may not be immediately recognized. With worsening conditions, the heartbeat can be dangerously slow.

  3. Colds and flu
    Colds and flu are not just winter afflictions, but colder temperatures pose more of a risk and are more prevalent in winter. The symptoms for cold and flu can be the same, but flu symptoms are generally worse and can last up to a week, a few days longer than the average cold.  Symptoms often begin with a sore throat, head and body aches, runny nose and sneezing and a fever. Both illnesses may need to be treated with medicine.

  4. Heart Attacks

    It’s true that there are more heart attacks during winter months.  Cold weather can increase blood pressure and put strain on the heart. In addition, the heart has to work harder to retain body heat when it’s cold.  Warning signs to look out for are irregular heartbeat, chest pain, shortness of breath, fatigue, dizziness, sweating, nausea, and vomiting.  Seeking immediate medical assistance when in jeopardy of a heart attack can be lifesaving.

  5. Injuries
    Steering clear of slippery surfaces is the best way to avoid an injury, but snow and ice can add to the fun in some cold weather adventures.   Risk of injury can be decreased by wearing footwear that is designed for the cold.  The best winter shoes or boots are fitted with heavy duty textured soles for a better grip.  Along with maintaining your balance, stretching muscles to improve flexibility before leaving home is always a good idea.

    Protection against the climate is the key to minimizing the risks of all of these hazards.  Staying warm and dry with hats, gloves, scarves, layered clothing and winter footwear can combat the cold.  Being exposed to fresh air, sunlight and the outdoor activity of choice can fill the spirit and warm the heart.