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Outdoor Recreation Insurance Experts at OIG See Growth in The Business With Education

Outdoor Recreation Insurance and Outdoor Adventure Insurance clients at Outdoor Insurance Group have grown exponentially, leading OIG to anticipate more growth in outdoor activity businesses ahead. Wikipedia highlights an interesting twist. Relatively new on the scene are educational programs designed to accommodate the increasing interest in outdoor businesses.

Outdoor Insurance Group offers outdoor recreation insurance and outdoor adventure insurance to adventure outfits including hunting, fishing, surfing, paddle boarding, horseback riding, hiking, kayaking and canoeing, camping and ATV tours and more. With insurance expertise, OIG insurers coverall the business insurance aspects of risk and offer free consultations to new businesses or interested in updating their outdoor insurance plans.

As a matter of interest pointing toward industry growth, a few universities now give degrees in adventure recreation, which focus on running businesses in the field. Basic courses needed for any business, such as accounting, are required to obtain a degree. OIG believes the importance of good insurance strategies to be an important part of heading up an outdoor recreation business. On the physical end, university outdoor recreation programs are offering indoor rock climbing walls, equipment rental, ropes courses and trip programming.

If you’re a guides looking to purchase, renew, or update an Outdoor Recreation Insurance or Outdoor Adventure Insurance plan, call today for a free consultation (888) 683-7808. Our agents have personal experience in all outdoor sporting activities to get you the most out of your specific insurance strategy with the most cost effective plan.

Outdoor Adventure Insurance and Outdoor Recreation Insurance Specialists at OIG Tout Social Benefits of Outdoor Activities

Outdoor activities offer participants positive effects both short and long term, whether they are children or adults. As insurers to adventure outfits including hunting, fishing, paddle boarding, horseback riding, hiking, kayaking, and ATV tours, OIG hears about benefits every day. Our clients see people who participate in their outdoor activities develop a more positive attitude. By challenging themselves in a natural environment, they build independence and self-confidence. And group activities can promote interpersonal and social skills, such as social communication skills and teamwork.

Outdoor recreation provides an opportunity to increase quality of life and promote social interaction in a healthy environment. Using a professional guide for activities can help you get the most out of every experience. If you’re a guides looking to purchase, renew, or update an Outdoor Recreation Insurance or Outdoor Adventure Insurance plan, call today for a free consultation (888) 683-7808.

Outdoor Recreation Insurance Strategies Recommended in OIG Testimonials at

Outdoor Insurance Group offers outdoor adventure insurance and outdoor recreation insurance to outdoor sporting outfits including: fishing and hunting – both guides and lodges, sport shooting and gun ranges, horseback riding and dude ranches, ATV and jeep tours, campgrounds, snowmobile tours, paddleboard and surf rentals and schools, and more.

The staff is comprised of expert sportsmen and sportswomen who are experienced in and passionate about each of these sporting groups. By purchasing insurance from this specialty insurance group, customers benefit from personal service that is not available at larger more impersonal insurance providers. Outdoor Insurance Group focuses on each client’s individual business insurance requirements and formulates an insurance strategy just for them.

Hear from some satisfied customers:

“Our agent was prompt in our request for an insurance quote. His diligent professionalism was appreciated. You would think general liability for a tour company in Alaska would be easy to find in Alaska. Not so. Seven companies contacted, only 2 would give estimates and OIG’s competence was above and beyond anyone else. Was a no-brainer to go with OIG because of their service.” Damon Bowen, Alaska Ambassador, LLC

“Our agent is very professional in his work and driven to give you the best service he can. Being an avid outdoorsman himself his knowledge of policies go hand and hand with his knowledge of hunting and fishing at the commercial/ outfitting level. Outdoor insurance group has great people, great pricing, and great service. I am glad to have Beaus Outdoors LLC outfitting business insured through the outdoor insurance group!” Beau J Davis

Visiting the website can provide a broader look at testimonials for outdoor recreation insurance. If you’re a guide looking to purchase or renew an insurance plan, take their word for it and call OIG today at (888) 683-7808.

Outdoor Recreation Insurance and Outdoor Adventure Insurance Programs Include Shooting Range Insurance At OIG

Outdoor Insurance Group offers Outdoor Recreation Insurance and Outdoor Adventure Insurance to Shooting Ranges where unique risks require specialized shooting range insurance strategies.

The winter weather is bringing gun enthusiasts indoors so it’s important to be sure that you have the proper amount of coverage if you run one of these operations. The level of coverage can contribute to the financial stability of a range’s future, where shooting range risk and attention to local legislation governing firearms is involved.

As a shooting range operator, special measures can be taken to build the safety of your facility by imposing age limits, requiring proper identification and maintaining detailed records. Outdoor Insurance Group shooting rage insurance plans are personally designed with expert knowledge of all this and more. Each plan is individualized based on class of firearms, location, and facility type from smaller indoor facilities to sprawling wide open spaces. Where gun rentals are offered, additional insurance protection is imperative. While noone could ever know your business better than you do, your insurance professional should rank as a close second in the knowledge of your facility. We do extensive business reviews for all of our clients.

Outdoor Insurance Group employs experts who know shooting range insurance inside and out. While we provide hundreds of gun ranges with personalized shooting range insurance plans, we take care to make your plan unique to you so you can virtually eliminate risk, and eliminate worry. Shooting range operators who are looking to buy, renew, or update an insurance plan are invited to call today for a free consultation (888) 683-7808.

Outdoor Adventure Insurance Experts Know The Benefits of Outdoor Activities

OIG, provider of outdoor adventure insurance and outdoor recreation insurance in wide range of sporting activities, prides itself on expert knowledge of all things related to the outdoors.

As outdoor adventure insurance experts, we see the benefits of outdoor life every day.  Without question, outdoor recreation provides an opportunity to increase quality of life and heighten social interaction.  In adults, physical activity in the natural environment promotes greater well-being, and an increased ability to function better at work and home.

Children who participate in outdoor activities develop a more positive attitude.  By challenging themselves in a natural environment, they can build independence, self-confidence, and coping strategies.  Group activities promote interpersonal and social skills, such as social communication skills and teamwork.

So, get out there and enjoy a fun activity with one of our outdoor recreation insurance clients today.  We’re happy to make a recommendation for your fun-filled adventure!  We insure adventure outfits including hunting, fishing, paddle boarding, horseback riding, hiking, kayaking, and ATV tours, all of which offer health benefits.  Using a professional guide for these activities can help you get the most out of every experience.  Guides and recreation outfits who are looking to buy, renew, or update an insurance plan are invited to call today for a free consultation (888) 683-7808.

OIG Outdoor Recreation and Outdoor Adventure Insurance Experts Stress the Importance of Dressing Warm for Winter Activities

The Outdoor Insurance Experts at Outdoor Insurance Group participate in outdoor sports activities throughout the seasons and stress the importance of protecting against the elements.  During the winter months, it’s crucial to be prepared.  Wearing comfortable clothes and staying warm will make being outdoors more enjoyable and help to avoid illness and injury.

With your safety in mind, here’s a checklist of clothing and footwear to keep on hand.

  • Much of your body heat escapes from the head so keeping your head warm is essential.
  • Keeping your fingers warm will improve your performance.
  • To keep feet warm and dry, cold weather waterproof boots with cushioning and good traction are a good choice when paired with warm wool socks.
  • Form fitting under garments made specifically for outdoor wear will keep your core warm by providing extra insulation that your body needs.

From now through early spring, you’re bound to encounter cold temperatures and harsh winds. Preparing the right clothing and footwear will not only keep you comfortable for hours, but it will also improve your performance.  Sport shops are great sources for top quality outdoor gear.

OIG outdoor recreation insurance experts work with individual guides and a host of outdoor adventure outfits nationwide to provide complete insurance strategies that protect from damage and loss.  Some of the outdoor adventure insurance specialized in includes hunting insurance, fishing insurance, recreational vehicle insurance, campground insurance, surfing insurance and more.

If you’re a guide looking to buy, renew or update an outdoor recreation insurance plan, call today for a free consultation (888) 683-7808.

At Outdoor Insurance Group, Outdoor Recreation Insurance Clients Are Encouraged to Review Their Insurance To Plan For A New Year

Outdoor recreation insurance is a key part of your holiday planning if you operate an outdoor adventure outfit, no matter what your sporting season.  It’s a good time to take stock in what outdoor recreation insurance you have and visit with a professional insurance representative like Outdoor Insurance Group to make sure that you are protected with the policy you need.

For many, business may slow down during this season, giving them ample time to review their current outdoor recreation insurance situation and plan for a new year. The fact is, it’s important for everyone to take an assessment of current insurance levels.  Change in business is often inevitable. Don’t be caught up in unnecessary risk.  When you consider your business insurance needs, some key questions to ask yourself are:

Are you planning to grow your business in the upcoming year?

Will you be making any big purchases that may affect your coverage?

Will your staff numbers change?

Will you be getting involved with any other outdoor activities than the ones you currently offer?

Has anything changed that you should tell your insurance representatives about that may affect your coverage?

The holidays are a busy time for everyone but, by failing to act, you can put your business at risk.  Basic coverage needs to may need to be adjusted to a sufficient level.  As a smart business owner, you need to properly protect yourself to secure a safe and profitable future.

At Outdoor Insurance Group, Our knowledge of the outdoors and our experience in the insurance industry gives us the unique ability to access multiple national insurance companies to design the right coverage at the right price specifically for outdoor adventure operations.  Operating nationwide, we’re the trusted source for outdoor recreation insurance.  We’re always available to review your insurance needs, whether you’re a client or a new customer looking for a free consultation. Contact us at (888) 683-7808. You will be treated the way you treat your clients, with enthusiasm, respect and a desire to see you succeed.

Outdoor Insurance Group’s Outdoor Recreation Insurance Clients Warn of Camping and Fire Risks

We are specialists in RV insurance and Campground insurance.  Wherever you choose to vacation, our Outdoor Recreation Insurance Clients who own and operate RV parks and campgrounds will tell you that fall camping is one of the most popular outdoor activities. As the seasons change, people will flock to see leaves turn and enjoy relaxing, or more active past-times including hiking, bicycling, hunting, fishing and boating.

By nature, colder weather camping brings an increase in campfires at parks and in the woods.  Sit around the campfire, sing, cook and just enjoy the warmth, but do it safely.

Outdoor Insurance Group clients agree that precautions can be taken to reduce the risks associated with open flame campfires.  Here are five tips to keep yourselves and your surroundings protected:

  1. Use fire pits provided by your campground whenever they are provided. They are built with safety in mind.
  2. When you prepare your own, create a large perimeter around the pit, clearing the area of all foliage, grasses and debris.
  3. Build up a circular boarder of rocks to help contain open flames.
  4. Avoid using lighter fluid by using natural kindling and be aware of properly disposing of smoldering matches.
  5. Be sure you can access a shovel quickly in case you need to quickly smother the flames.

Most importantly, do not leave your campfire unattended, even for a minute.  If you must leave the area, find a neighboring camper to keep watch or simply extinguish the fire. You can always build up another.  The risks of leaving the fire unsupervised are too great.

The professionals at Outdoor Insurance Group enjoy camping all year long and are happy to work alongside of the hundreds of RV parks and campgrounds that we insure to keep all travelers safe and focused on making memories.

As one of the top providers of RV insurance and Campground insurance, Outdoor Insurance Group serves all types of parks looking to buy, renew or update their insurance plans.  We are experienced campers who understand all individual state requirements and risks involved in operating a safe and profitable park.  All owner/operators who are looking for RV Park insurance and Campground insurance are invited to call OIG today for a free consultation (888) 683-7808.

Hunting Guide Insurance Clients at Outdoor Insurance Group Make Children’s Safety a Real Priority

Outdoor Insurance Group has hundreds of Hunting Guide Insurance Clients.  All hunters, no matter how experienced, can benefit by hunting with a guide to make the most of the experience.  Importantly, when families enjoy this outdoor sporting adventure together, a top priority is safety. Educated hunting professionals will always begin the day by teaching gun safety to parents and their children.

To avoid accidents, always prevent easy access to firearms and keep them only in the hands of experienced professionals.  Being as safe as possible will reduce your child’s risk of harm and accidental injury.  Safety habits that begin at a young age will be carried out through adulthood.  It’s never too early to learn important safety tips.

Some important lessons that hunting guides can pass down to children include:

  • Wearing hunter orange and appropriate clothing to protect from seasonal weather elements.
  • Checking that firearms are clean, free of obstructions and in good working order.
  • Keeping guns unloaded when transporting them to and from the hunting area.
  • Being aware of everyone’s position and watching where all guns are pointed at all times.
  • Steering clear of the trigger until it’s time to shoot.
  • Unloading all guns before dressing the catch.

Keeping children safe is a priority for all of us.  If you want more information, there are many online resources that teach child gun safety.  A thorough internet search will yield a host of educational sites with gun safety lessons that can be beneficial for all children, whether or not hunting is involved.

As one of the top providers of hunting insurance, Outdoor Insurance Group can help all guides looking to buy, renew or update a hunting insurance plan.  We are experienced hunters who understand all risks involved in hunting and address each client’s needs individually with cost-conscious insurance plans.  All guides are invited to call today for a free consultation (888) 683-7808.

Get Your Hunt Club Insurance and Prep Your Dogs for Hunting

With your duck hunting club insurance and hunt club insurance settled, it’s time to train up your dog and get ready for the hunt.

This fall, get Outdoor Insurance Group duck hunting club insurance and hunt club insurance for your protection.  And after you get your all your duck and hunt insurance policies in a row, prep your four-legged hunting companion for a busy season.  You can protect your dogs and have them perform optimally if you take a few simple steps to get them ready.

A pre-season check up by your vet can ensure your pup is in general good health and up to date on shots.  The vet can recommend options for properly protecting your dog from tick and flea infestation.

Practice to be sure that your dog will follow basic commands, whether you are in the woods or water. A few practice runs will refresh their marking skills.  You can start with dummy birds and move to live birds wherever possible.

Some dogs may need to be reconditioned to gunfire and could benefit from practicing with single and multiple shots. For optimal retrieval, your dog should be comfortable and calm with the sounds.

Ensure your safety and make sure people can see your dog with bright color accessories and always keep a medical kit on hand in case of an emergency.

Once you’re protected with duck hunting club insurance and hunt club insurance you can move on to your personal priorities.  Prepare your dog while you prepare yourself, and you’ll be ready for a great hunting season.

Remember that it is important to choose experts like OIG when selecting an agent for optimal protection.  As seasoned specialists in outdoor recreation insurance and outdoor adventure insurance, we know all of the risks.  With us, no two clients are insured with the exact same plan.  Depending on your individual needs, you can be sure that you will get a specific and cost-effective insurance plan that is designed exclusively for you.  Whether you need to purchase a policy, add to your existing plan, or simply review your requirements to be sure that you are fully ensured, visit for personal service that makes a difference in properly managing your future.  Join the many satisfied clients for outdoor recreation insurance and outdoor adventure insurance at OIG.