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Proper Winter Clothing

OIG Hunting Insurance Experts Recommend Proper Clothing to Ward off Discomfort and Illness

It’s crucial to protect yourself from the elements when taking on a winter hunt.  Wearing comfortable clothes and staying warm will make being outdoors more enjoyable and help you stay focused and sharp.

With your safety in mind, we’ve assembled a checklist of clothing and footwear to keep on hand.

Most people don’t realize that much of your body heat escapes from the head so keeping your head warm is essential. Proper headgear can also give you protection from the wind. A warm fleece camouflage hat with a drop down face mask is a good choice.

Keeping your fingers warm will improve your performance. Warm wool gloves with finger flaps will keep let you quickly free your fingers when you’re ready to shoot. Carrying a few hand warmers is practical in frigid conditions. They can also be used to warm your feet.

Form fitting under garments made specifically for outdoor wear will keep your core warm by providing extra insulation that your body needs. Look for soft, durable brands with a good fit.  Pullovers will add a shell and give a handy place for storing gear. Top your layers with a warm breathable waterproof and windproof hunting jacket.

Warm dry feet trump cold wet feet any day.  Cold weather waterproof boots can be found at any hunting supply store.  Look for insulation, cushioning and good traction.  Making sure they are a perfect fit with warm wool socks will make it easier to walk long distances without pain.  Wearing them in a bit before using them for hunting is a smart idea. Keep some extra socks on hand when you’re outdoors.

When hunting now through early spring, you’re bound to encounter cold temperatures and harsh winds. Preparing the right clothing and footwear will not only keep you comfortable for hours, but it will also improve your performance.  Retail sporting outfits like Cabela’s, Orvis, Bass Pro Shops are all great sources for top quality hunting gear.  When you’re hunting, you shouldn’t feel anything other than the thrill of the sport.

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