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Trail Riding Insurance

The Importance of Trail Riding Insurance

If you operate a trail riding business, you should be well aware that not only is trail riding insurance is a necessity, but making sure that you have the appropriate level of insurance can mean the difference between success and failure of your business.

Reputable riding businesses are run by experienced individuals.  But predicting the temperament of a horse on any given day is never a sure thing, even for the experts.  While trail horses are chosen for their calm dispositions and stability under pressure, there are still risks to be wary of.  Industry group reports that the rate of serious injury per hour is estimated to be approximately the same for horseback riders as of that for motorcyclists.

Helmets can be lifesavers in both activities. While the risk obvious of physical injury for horseback riders starts from high on a horse, riders can be injured mounting a horse or even beforehand if pushed or kicked.  A horse can weigh from 800 to 2,200 pounds.  Old equipment and stable accidents also pose dangerous risks.

It’s been estimated that 7 million people ride horses in the U.S. each year.  As the sport increases in popularity, related businesses are sure to grow along with it.  Protect yourself and pave the way for success and longevity for your trail riding business with a good insurance plan designed by the experts at Outdoor Insurance Group ( — exclusively for you.

As one of the top providers of outdoor and adventure insurance nationwide, Outdoor Insurance Group insures hundreds of trail riding businesses throughout the country.  If you’re an owner or know of an owner who is looking to buy, renew or update a personalized and cost-effective insurance plan, call today for a free consultation (888) 683-7808.  We are trail riders and know your business.

Dude Ranch Insurance

Outdoor Insurance Group Dude Ranch Insurance Clients Capture the True Spirit of Adventure

Vacationers looking for a true outdoor adventure need look no further than a dude or guest ranch to fulfill their dreams. Spanning the OIG dude ranch insurance client base are nationwide ranches that offer patrons a distinctive experience based on their location, range of activities, and service.

The uniqueness of each ranch is reflected in the pride and reputation of the proprietor.  Many OIG client ranches have a long history of family ownership.  All top notch establishments, they properly insured to protect against every risk so their guests can enjoy themselves without worry.

As an operator, you want to be sure that potential guests are familiar with your ranch amenities before they commit.  The quality of their experience and incentive to return are highest when there is a perfect match between their expectations and how they will be accommodated.

Guests should be aware of all activities offered beyond the typical horse and cattle operations from swimming to fly fishing to outdoor winter sports.  Professional information resources for the industry including and The Dude Ranchers’ Association can be a great place to start for people who are looking for the best experience.  They are an important information resource and travel guide for the prospective dude ranch vacationer.

Belonging to a professional association can offer you a way to promote your ranch and enhance your reputation. Representing a wide range of dude and guest ranches from working cattle operations to luxury resorts, they offer a supportive forum for sharing information.  They will also open the door to new prospects for you.

At all dude and guest ranches, insurance protection is needed for general liabilities arising from the use of horses and cattle as well as other specialty activities offered. Property values can be high and the property is likely to be unprotected from fire exposures. Coverage is needed for the use of autos to transport guests and for workers’ compensation for your employees.

With intimate knowledge of the industry, Outdoor Insurance Group experts ensure that every client is protected from every eventuality.  Depending on your individual needs, you can be sure that you will get a specific and cost-effective  insurance plan that is designed exclusively for your business.  Whether you need to purchase a policy, add to your existing plan, or simply review your requirements to be sure that you are fully ensured, visit for personal service.

Making Business Improvements

Thinking About Improvements in Your Business

At OIG, our Outdoor Recreation Insurance clients are getting ready for a profitable new year!  Now that the holidays are behind us, it’s a good time to start thinking about improvements you can make to your business.  Look into new possibilities and draw in more customers.

For outdoor recreation insurance businesses, here are five idea generators to help you gear up for new business opportunities.

  • Start by taking a look at what’s worked in the past and how you can improve upon those efforts.
  • Put marketing in the forefront and come up with some ideas that are new to your business.
  • Involve your employees in new business planning by reaching out to them for their input.
  • Exchange ideas with like-minded outdoor adventure business owners about their challenges and successes.
  • Reach out to repeat clients to find out what keeps them coming back and apply what you learn to developing new customer relationships.

January represents a new beginning for all businesses.  Before you jump into the new year, take a look back to analyze what you’ve done well and then get ready to do it better.  Building on your successes means building up your profitability.

As one of the top providers of outdoor and adventure insurance nationwide, Outdoor Insurance Group (OIG) insures hundreds of hunting guides throughout the country.  If you’re a guide looking to buy, renew or update and insurance plan, call today for a free consultation (888) 683-7808.

RV Parks and Campgrounds Insurance

Good Insurance Coverage for RV Parks and Campgrounds is Essential

And while it’s a great time for adventurers to take to the open road to enjoy the Fall season on wheels, for park owners, transitioning though the seasons should always include a thorough review of insurance coverage. Whether these businesses add or change services, or if their policy is nearing the end of its term, it’s important for them to be properly insured with the right plan designed just for them.

Outdoor Insurance Group Says Thorough RV Park Insurance and Campground Insurance Plans Will Protect Businesses from All Risks

RV and campground insurance are specializations that require an insurance provider to know the specific risks that are faced by their businesses in particular. With detailed operating knowledge of RV parks and campgrounds, specialty insurance agents can design a complete address each and every risk. Outdoor Insurance Group has a strong track record in designing individualized plans that keep park and campground owners focused on their profitability — not the potential for loss because of inadequate insurance coverage.

For each insured client, OIG Carefully considers the risks associated with all of the activities and services their destination may provide from fishing and outdoor sports to rest areas and hospitality services.

Proper coverage includes general liability, personal injury, weather-related damages, workplace hazards and more. OIG offers cost effective policies that combine coverage areas to protect against everything from loss of business to litigation. RV parks and campgrounds create a secure future for themselves when insurance is made a top priority.

Duck Hunting Safety

Outdoor Insurance Group Offers Ten Safety Tips for Duck Hunting Guides

Good Duck Hunting Insurance Will Protect Your Guide Outfit When Accidents Strike

In the wild, accidents can happen.  As an experienced duck hunting insurance provider, Outdoor Insurance Group is aware of every eventuality and offers solid hunting insurance plans.  For duck hunting guides, being responsible means being successful.  Guide your hunters safely through an enjoyable and productive hunt every time with a few tips for hunters of all levels.

  1. Address safety issues before the hunt begins for the benefit of newcomers and seasoned hunters alike, and be sure that all hunters are familiarized with their firearms
  2. Make sure you have eyes on your hunters at all times while you are getting in position, as well as throughout the hunt, so you can keep them aware of shooting lanes
  3. Don’t load guns until you’re settled in and ready to shoot and be sure to check the barrel and the shells for debris before firing
  4. Keep shells organized and separated if your hunters are using different gauges
  5. Be sure that your hunters are dressed appropriately so that they stay warm, dry and comfortable
  6. Shotgun blasts can be loud enough to affect damage hearing, so take precautions to protect ears as well as eyes, particularly in the case of children and young adults
  7. Be sure that your canine companions are well trained and fit for the hunt
  8. When traveling by boat, have enough flotation devices for everyone including yourself
  9. Be ready to administer basic first aid and stock a full array of basic medical supplies
  10. Always tell a partner where you are heading and carry a communications device for emergencies

Be mindful of all of the risks involved in duck hunting.  Taking every precaution to keep your hunters safe will ensure a bright future for your business.  With a solid duck hunting guide insurance plan, you can focus on what you do best, treat your hunters to good times all season long — and keep them coming back.

We provide a complete range of General Liability protection plans including plans that cover the use of ATVs and boats. Call OIG for a free consultation today and you’ll be working with the best in the business (888) 683-7808.


Fishing Guide Insurance Plan

Fishing Guides: A Good Fishing Guide Insurance Plan Will Protect Your Outfit When Fishing Accidents Strike

Whether your patrons are enjoying a peaceful fly fishing adventure or a wildly adventurous sport fishing trip, there are always risks involved.  Whatever type of trip you offer, a tailor made fishing guide insurance plan will cover your outfit from all fishing-related risks and accidents.  Regardless of your experience and personal commitment to the health and safety of your patrons, accidents can and do happen.

Outdoor Insurance Group offers a few tips for preventing serious accidents that can personally affect your guest or even temporarily or permanently shut down your business:

  • Always report the location of your trip someone and be sure to carry a cell phone
  • Be mindful of the physical safety of your fishermen and women. Don’t push anyone beyond their physical limitations
  • Be sure that they rely on your expertise where knowledge of tactics and equipment are concerned
  • Take care to ensure that decks are safe by clearing them of clutter, debris, mud and water
  • Do not overload your boat and check safety equipment before every excursion
  • Avoid accidents by restricting alcohol use on your trips
  • Follow all speed and open water regulations
  • Talk all precautions against injury by stocking first aid supplies and drowning by checking to be sure you have operable flotation devices and enough for each passenger
  • Be aware of the possibility of animal attacks when out in the wild

Be mindful of all of these risks and take precautions to keep your customers safe and ensure a bright future for your business.  With a solid  fishing guide insurance plan, you can focus on what you do best, treat your fishermen to good times all year long — and keep them coming back.   Call OIG for a free consultation today and you’ll be working with the best in the business (888) 683-7808.

Horseback Riding Business Insurance

Horseback Riding Business Insurance Covers Unique Business Risks

Horseback riding instructors can often accommodate riders of every interest ranging from children and ponies to adult trail riding trails. Whatever the case, the upcoming Fall season is a great time to take advantage of the cooler weather and changing leaves to fully promote this fun filled activity.

Business owners in the horseback riding arena must prepare for every risk-related eventuality. Live animals post unique situations and proper horseback riding business insurance is vital. Wikipedia explains some of the inherent risks, noting that when mounted, a rider’s head can be 13 feet from the ground, and horses can travel at up to 40 mph.

Each year an estimated 30 million people ride horses in the U.S., resulting in one emergency room visit per 600 riders. Falling from the horse is the most common, followed by being kicked, trampled, and bitten. Injuries scale down in percentage from arm fractures or dislocation, to head injury, to leg fracture or dislocation, and chest injury. Injuries can range from very minor injuries to fatality.

Protection against injury for you, your employees and your patrons, is of the utmost importance when purchasing horseback riding insurance. Specialty outdoor insurance agents like Outdoor Insurance Group create complete and individualized horseback riding business insurance plans providing coverage for protection of damage to barns, stalls and additional property; equipment; and business vehicles. All policies approved by National Parks, State Forests and BLM. For complete confidence that your business is properly protected visit to arrange a consultation today.

6 Types of Outdoor Insurance

Protect Your Business with the Six Types of Outdoor Insurance

Outdoor Insurance Group: Protect your business with the six types of insurance outdoor adventure and recreation businesses should have:

General Liability

Liability insurance protects the policyholder from lawsuits that may result from business related programs or activities.  If you are responsible for property damage or bodily injury to a third party, this is the insurance that will defend you.

Property Insurance

This coverage insures your stuff from loss.  It can be a building and business and personal property.  Equipment can be insured on and off the premise.  Property insurance can be extended in several ways to include loss of income, property of others and more.

Commercial Auto

With commercial auto insurance, cars, trucks, and other approved vehicles operated by a business are protected against physical damage and liability for bodily injury resulting from accidents.  Auto is a unique coverage that packages together property coverage, liability and some other coverages like uninsured or underinsured motorists.

Worker’s Compensation

This insurance covers wage replacement and medical expenses for employees harmed during the course of their workday activities.  If you have employees, you likely need this coverage.

Life Insurance

We don’t sell it, but recommend life insurance, which pays a sum of money to a pre-determined beneficiary upon the policyholder’s death.  This is a way to keep a business functioning upon the death of key people in your business.

Excess Liability

Excess liability is how you can increase your liability limits over $1,000,000.  National Parks and other strict agencies sometimes require high limits of liability.  Providing this policy is how we increase your limits.

Outdoor Insurance Group

While all of these may not apply to all outdoor adventure group insurance plans, Outdoor Insurance Group experts ensure that clients are protected from every eventuality.  They specialize in creating all-inclusive policies considering all variables including the size of an outfit, the type of activities engaged in and risks associated with these activities, number of employees and amount and type of property and equipment owned.  By tailoring specific insurance plans to specific outdoor adventure group activities, they offer the most cost effective personalized insurance plans for every type of adventure and recreation business.  Visit for all the details about outdoor insurance.

RV Parks & Campgrounds

OIG and The CDC Keep Your Recreation Business Safe

Owners and operators of RV parks and campgrounds have specific insurance requirements that can vary by state. If you’re covered through an insurance company that doesn’t specialize in outdoor insurance, you might be exposed to unwanted risk.

You might also be paying too much and not getting specialized coverages available in today’s market.  OIG’s experts have been in the outdoor insurance business for years, serving many clients with rv park insurance and campground insurance. We understand your needs and really speak your language. Find out if you can increase your coverage without additional cost, or replace an out-of-date policy today. It’s free, it’s easy and it could save you a bundle.

While you make sure that your RV Park or campground is protected, here are some tips from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to share with your campers to help them avoid illness and injury and get the most out of their camping experiences.

  1. Be sure to be up to date on vaccinations to guard against illnesses and infections.
  2. Prepare safe food and water. Pack food securely separating fruits and vegetables from meat products, and store it in a cooler.  Cook to proper temperatures.  Wash hands whenever handling food.  Avoid drinking contaminated water by using only bottled water.
  3. Outdoor activities are a huge part of the camping experience. When active, use protective gear including helmets and sturdy shoes and life jackets. Avoid poisonous plants. Never exceed your physical limitations and don’t swim alone.
  4. Protect against carbon dioxide poisoning. Never use gas stoves, heaters or lanterns in an enclosed poorly ventilated area such as a tent or camper.
  5. Avoid wild animals and protect family pets. Keep food in sealed containers and out of the reach of animals. Make sure family pets are vaccinated and check them regularly for ticks. Make sure pets have food, water and shelter.
  6. Apply insect repellent containing DEET to exposed areas of the skin to avoid bug bites. Wear long sleeve light color pants and shirts to spot ticks more easily.
  7. Prevent temperature-related illnesses by keeping warm and dry on cool nights and drink plenty of fluids on hot days. Wear cool loose fitted clothing, stay out of extreme sun and rest in shaded areas.
  8. Protect yourself from the sun on sunny and cloudy days by using sunscreen for face, lips and body. Wear protective clothing, hats and sunglasses.
  9. Avoid water-related illness and injury. Don’t swallow water you swim in, shower before and after swimming, never swim alone and use life vests. Take care to avoid unintentional drowning, stay safe while boating.
  10. Be prepared. Bring emergency equipment and prepare for unpredictable weather.

For more information visit  Have a great summer and thanks to the CDC for sharing their knowledge and expertise.

Using the Internet for Outdoor Insurance

If You’re An Outdoor Recreation Company, Use The Internet To Your Advantage

Attract And Keep Your Customers While You Optimize Your Insurability.

As you may know, not only does your outdoor insurance agency scan the internet to formulate a character assessment of all of its clients, but potential customers do as well. With this in mind, you can use the internet to your advantage and protect your reputation. Whenever you can take action to address negative postings, you’ll give your insurer a better picture of your business, and potentially reduce the risk of rising insurance premium rates resulting from negative publicity.

Take the time to find out what’s being said about your outdoor adventure business by simply conducting a search for your business on Google or any other popular search engine. If you come across a customer complaint on a review board, for example, go directly to the source and work with them to address the negatives, in the case that they can be identified by their posting. It’s just good business practice to follow up with anyone who is displeased with your services in the course of your day to day operations. It’s of the utmost importance to be proactive on any internet site where dissatisfaction or inaccuracies are found. Dispute the negatives in the comments section where the complaint was made and you can change the public’s perception. While this is the most cost effective way, there are other options including hiring an internet cleaning service to remove damaging notations, wherever it’s possible to do so. It may be worth the fee for this service if you suspect real damage to your reputation is being done by any negative references found. In a competitive industry, it could even be competing outfits that make disparaging remarks about your business with the intent to harm your bottom line.

At the same time you are looking for unfavorable references to your company, take advantage of the sites that offer opportunities for you to post the positives and promote yourself to stand out among competitors in the area of your specialization. In an upcoming blog, expert insurer Outdoor Insurance Group will show you how to use the internet to generate good publicity for your outdoor recreation business.