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Get Your Hunt Club Insurance and Prep Your Dogs for Hunting

With your duck hunting club insurance and hunt club insurance settled, it’s time to train up your dog and get ready for the hunt.

This fall, get Outdoor Insurance Group duck hunting club insurance and hunt club insurance for your protection.  And after you get your all your duck and hunt insurance policies in a row, prep your four-legged hunting companion for a busy season.  You can protect your dogs and have them perform optimally if you take a few simple steps to get them ready.

A pre-season check up by your vet can ensure your pup is in general good health and up to date on shots.  The vet can recommend options for properly protecting your dog from tick and flea infestation.

Practice to be sure that your dog will follow basic commands, whether you are in the woods or water. A few practice runs will refresh their marking skills.  You can start with dummy birds and move to live birds wherever possible.

Some dogs may need to be reconditioned to gunfire and could benefit from practicing with single and multiple shots. For optimal retrieval, your dog should be comfortable and calm with the sounds.

Ensure your safety and make sure people can see your dog with bright color accessories and always keep a medical kit on hand in case of an emergency.

Once you’re protected with duck hunting club insurance and hunt club insurance you can move on to your personal priorities.  Prepare your dog while you prepare yourself, and you’ll be ready for a great hunting season.

Remember that it is important to choose experts like OIG when selecting an agent for optimal protection.  As seasoned specialists in outdoor recreation insurance and outdoor adventure insurance, we know all of the risks.  With us, no two clients are insured with the exact same plan.  Depending on your individual needs, you can be sure that you will get a specific and cost-effective insurance plan that is designed exclusively for you.  Whether you need to purchase a policy, add to your existing plan, or simply review your requirements to be sure that you are fully ensured, visit for personal service that makes a difference in properly managing your future.  Join the many satisfied clients for outdoor recreation insurance and outdoor adventure insurance at OIG.

OIG Protects Outdoor Recreation Insurance Clients from Hurricane Risks

Outdoor Insurance Group offers complete outdoor recreation insurance coverage packages that guard against all catastrophic occurrences including natural disasters.  Hurricane season is upon us and we saw Harvey hit the Houston area leaving behind billions of dollars in damages.  Irma now threatens the Southeast with the potential to significantly impact the safety of businesses and individuals alike.  Due to their very nature, outdoor recreation outfits are particularly vulnerable.

It’s never too late to check with your insurance provider to be sure that you have the appropriate amount of outdoor recreation insurance coverage if you’re subjected to frequent storm threats.  After the fact, if you experience loss, your first step is to contact your insurance representative to begin to rebuild your business as quickly as possible.  In addition, there are other resources at hand.  After contacting your insurance agent, you can find many valuable resources at the Small Business Administration for example.

If you need help after experiencing a hurricane, visit the SBA for a helpful listing of five steps to hurricane recovery for victims at

As outdoor recreation insurance specialists, we must apply our own intimate knowledge and skill in all activities and risks so we can create tailored insurance plans for each and every customer’s unique needs.  OIG insures hunting and fishing guides, surfing and paddleboard outfits, RV camps, and more. Knowing all about the sport you’re in and the business you operate, we can develop the perfect outdoor recreation insurance solution for your business.  Whether you run your own outdoor adventure outfit or have an idea for a new one, call an OIG expert today for a free consultation (888) 683-7808.

At OIG Get The Best Hunting Guide Insurance

As one of the leading outdoor insurance specialists, Outdoor Insurance Group offers hunting guides the best hunting insurance and knows the ins and outs of protecting hunting businesses.  If you’re a guide, you make your living in the outdoors often relying rely on specialized motor vehicles or boats, or perhaps even horses. Because of your unique operations, you need a specialized policy. As lifelong hunters ourselves, we understand your risks and can tailor a policy that will work for you at a reasonable price.

Hunting guides need general liability insurance. Quality guide insurance or outfitter insurance will keep you in good standing with the Forest Service, National Park, BLM and your private landowners.  We offer only premier service for fast issuance of certificates with top notch customer service.

As a top provider, OIG is able to access to multiple national insurance companies for competitive offerings. This allows them to design the right coverage at the right price specifically for your operation.  We can provide general liability protection that includes the use of ATVs, boats, horses and tree stands. We can also insure your property against loss.

Contact us for all of your hunting insurance needs.  We will treat you the way you treat your clients, with enthusiasm, respect and the desire to see them succeed.  Call us at (888) 683-7808.

Outdoor Insurance Group provides insurance solutions for adventurer/entrepreneurs

OIG insurance is called outdoor recreation insurance or outdoor adventure insurance.  Our client base is comprised of hundreds of successful outdoor enthusiasts in specific areas including fishing guide insurance, hunting guide insurance, surf school insurance and paddle board insurance, horseback riding, camping, rv park insurance, and more.  We’re constantly on the lookout for trends in the outdoor recreation industry to see what insurance coverage may be needed in the future for the outdoor recreation industry.  There is no limit to the creativity of the outdoor enthusiast in developing innovative adventure sports.  Indoor climbing, now hugely successful, was just an idea not long ago.

We recently came across DodgeBow ™ a new activity that combines dodgeball and archery for combat among friends made possible at the  DodgeBow Center in Montreal.  What a great way to hone your skills while having fun with your friends in a safe environment.  Interest in archery experienced a rise after the hit movie series Hunger Games, and continues to grow in popularity among all age groups.  We think DodgeBow offers a great new perspective on the art of this age old sport.  What a blast.  Who knows what clever adventurer/entrepreneurs will think of next. Whatever it is, there is an insurance plan for that!

Many OIG representatives are marksmen in their own right.  As outdoor insurers for such an array of adventure activities, we must apply our own intimate knowledge and skill in all activities so we can create tailored insurance plans for each and every customer’s unique needs.  Knowing all about the sport you’re in and the business you operate, we can develop the perfect solution for your business.  We are all dedicated outdoorsmen. Come work with us.  Whether you run your own outdoor adventure outfit or have an idea for a new one, call an OIG expert today for a free consultation (888) 683-7808.

Outdoor Insurance Group’s Horseback Riding Insurance Protects Trail Riding Businesses

Horseback riders are safe when stables are protected with horseback riding insurance. So get out there and enjoy this popular adventure activity. Summer is a great time for outdoor enthusiasts to visit a country stable to take advantage of a trail ride through beautiful and lush scenery.  Horses are trained to accommodate every level of experience and guides are knowledgeable in matching to a rider’s skill level. They can’t afford the risk of unnecessary accidents that may affect their business.

According to the experts, the levels of experience can be broken down as follows:  Total Beginner, Advanced Beginner, Confident Beginner, Novice, Intermediate, Advanced and Professionals.

Visit online an organization called The Long Riders’ Guild Academic Foundation which operates an informational website that is a commercial-free academic source of equestrian travel information.  The site contact address is: for more information.

Protection against injury for horseback riding professionals, their employees and patrons as well, is of the utmost importance when purchasing horseback riding insurance. Specialty outdoor insurance agents like Outdoor Insurance Group create complete and individualized horseback riding business insurance plans providing coverage for protection of damage to barns, stalls and additional property; equipment; and business vehicles. All policies approved by National Parks, State Forests and BLM.  For complete confidence that your business is properly protected visit Outdoor Insurance Group at to arrange a consultation today.

OIG Fishing Guide Insurance Clients Are Ready for A Busy Season

Outdoor Insurance Group has helped get hundreds of fishing guides ready for the summer season with Fishing Guide Insurance Plans that are tailored to match each fishing guide’s specialty. Fishing is a popular pastime for all of us but the professional guide delivers the ultimate experience. Among popular sports, fishing is second only to hiking and biking.

There is such a varying degree in what a fishing guide offers from lake and stream trips to deep sea adventures. Whatever your specialty or location, if you’re a fishing guide, protecting your business is a top priority. OIG knows what’s most important to cover your needs.

The right fishing guide insurance plan takes into account all related to the sport. Fishing guides are always at risk of personal injury. In addition, you need to cover yourself for risk related to loss of business related to weather conditions and costly equipment damage. For boat trips, liability and physical damage to your boat called Hull Coverage, is a necessity offered by Outdoor Insurance Group. Be sure that your fishing guide insurance level is specific to your category from boats to walk and wade trips, to float tubes, kayaks, paddle boards and more.

For all professional outfits, now is the time to take inventory of your insurance needs and let the professionals do the worrying. With a growing business serving fishing guides from Alaska to Florida, Outdoor Insurance Group assures all of its clients that insurance coverage is low cost and easily obtainable with a quick and simple application process. Certificates for Government and other licensing agencies are free and OIG will mail the certifications to the offices on your behalf if requested. You can also rely on your insurance representative to gather all approved forms for US Forest Service and US National Parks and all other licensing agencies. Call today (888) 683-7808.

Top Five Risks Hunting Guides Guard Against With A Good Hunting Guide Insurance Plan

If you’re a Hunting Guide, you need a personalized plan for hunting guide insurance to cover your outfit from all hunting-related risks and accidents. Regardless of your experience and personal commitment to the health and safety of your patrons, accidents can and do happen. Outdoor Insurance Group cautions against five of the top risks that can lead to dire consequences and temporarily or permanently shut down your business. Be mindful of these risks to keep your hunters safe.

1. Shooting Accidents

Accidental shootings can result from momentary mistaken movements, ricocheting bullets or improper handling of firearms. Accidents can be avoided by implementing a policy of clear communications between hunting party members, the use of bright clothing, and clear and proper instruction of safe gun handling for your hunters.

2. Physical Condition Awareness

Carrying equipment, climbing rough terrain, and exposure to quick-changing inclement weather conditions are all risks to hunters who are poorly prepared for the physical aspects of this physically demanding sport. It is important to know the limits of all of your patrons before embarking on a hunting adventure so you can tailor your hunt accordingly and prepare for every eventuality.

3. Tree stands

Gaining a high vantage point increases the chances of a good shot, but it also increases your physical risk. Falling can result in broken bones, spinal injuries and serious head injuries, among other bodily harm. Each year brings a renewed risk of death from falling during a hunt. Proper and checked equipment, attention to detail, and common sense are all key when using a tree stand.

4. ATV and boating accidents

ATV’s are increasingly used to help reach out of the way places, haul equipment and carrying out the day’s prize catch. Risk of injury is always an important concern. Hunting by boat adds the additional risk of drowning accidents. Even where experience is paramount, helmets and flotation devices can save lives. Take care and adhere to safety rules when operating any transportation vehicles.

5. Animal attacks and Insect Bites

When out in the wild, always respect wildlife around you. Be aware not to disturb surroundings where nests may be present. Watch out for predators that may be hunting alongside of you. And always be careful when approaching an injured animal. Be prepared to offer preliminary treatment in the event of dangerous bee stings or spider bites.

Be mindful of all of these risks and take precautions to keep your hunters safe and ensure a bright future for your business. With a solid hunting guide insurance plan, you can focus on what you do best, treat your hunters to good times all season long — and keep them coming back.

We provide a complete range of General Liability protection plans including plans that cover the use of tree stands, ATVs, boats, and horses. Call OIG for a free consultation today and you’ll be working with the best in the business (888) 683-7808.

Does Your Outdoor Adventure Insurance Plan Protect Your Property From Hurricane Risks?

The 2016 Atlantic hurricane season runs from June 1 to November 30, covering areas including the North Atlantic Ocean, Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea.  Is your outdoor recreation insurance up to date and sufficient enough to cover any damages?

Now is the time to call your insurance agent and ask for an insurance check-up to make sure you have enough insurance to repair or even replace your property and equipment in the event of a damaging hurricane. Whether you’re a commercial property owner or renter, you’ll need a separate policy for flooding, available through your outdoor insurance company.  Don’t forget that there may be damage to your car, truck or boat. In addition, you could experience loss of business as a result of damages.  However, a thorough outdoor adventure  insurance plan can also protect your business from this risk.

According to the National Hurricane Center, the biggest risks associated with hurricanes are:

Storm Surge and Storm Tide

The destructive power of storm surge and large battering waves can result in loss of life, buildings destroyed, beach and dune erosion and road and bridge damage along the coast. Storm surge can travel several miles inland. In estuaries and bayous, salt water intrusion endangers public health and the environment.

Heavy Rainfall and Inland Flooding

Tropical cyclones can produce torrential rains in excess of 6 inches, which can result in deadly and destructive floods and even flash flooding.

High Winds

Hurricane‐force winds, 74 mph or more, can destroy buildings and mobile homes. Debris, such as signs, roofing material, siding and small items left outside become flying missiles during hurricanes. Winds can stay above hurricane strength well inland

Rip Currents

The strong winds of a tropical cyclone can cause dangerous waves that pose a significant hazard to mariners and coastal residents. When the waves break along the coast, they can produce deadly rip currents – even at large distances from the storm.


Hurricanes and tropical storms can also produce tornadoes. These tornadoes most often occur in thunderstorms embedded in rain bands well away from the center of the hurricane; however, they can also occur near the eyewall. Usually, tornadoes produced by tropical cyclones are relatively weak and short-lived, but they still pose a significant threat.

Be Ready

During hurricane season, be sure to keep insurance papers safe and readily accessible in the event of storm damage and take pictures to document damages.  Your insurance agent will immediately assist you in filing any claims and help you get your business back up and running as soon as possible.  Outdoor Insurance Group offers tailored outdoor recreation insurance and outdoor recreation insurance solutions to cover hurricanes, and any associated risks.  Call today.