Bed and Breakfast Insurance

Does Your Bed and Breakfast Insurance Plan Address All of Your Unique Attributes?

Outdoor Insurance Group has become a leader in bed and breakfast insurance with a team of experts who continually monitor the industry, staying ahead of all trends and business risks. Whether you operate a bed and breakfast or a small country or lakeside inn, there are that coverage needs that you alone may need to address. A plan that is good for one bed and breakfast is not necessarily suitable for a comparable business. Insurance providers don’t always tailor plans accordingly to ensure that sufficient coverage is guaranteed while individual plan costs are kept to a minimum. OIG does.

Here are a few examples of how your B&B needs may compare:

B&B insurance plans feature food service liability coverage and plans will vary. Do you serve guests three meals or limit your offerings to breakfast? Is your restaurant open to a larger customer base serving the public or is it strictly for guests? Do you offer complimentary alcoholic beverages? OIG will calculate associated risks based on your specific offerings.

Specialty B&B insurance takes into consideration the unique value of stately properties which may have antiques and fine furnishings and structures with historical and architectural significance. Content insurance, coverage for theft and replacement value for structural damages are important coverage areas and should be included in all plans at appropriate levels.

Guest needs necessitate proper levels of coverage for personal property and medical coverage for onsite liability. OIG plans are tailored to take into consideration changing coverage needs while reservations and vacancy rates vary from season to season.

Bed and breakfasts will always attract tourists who prefer more intimate vacation experiences and industry forecasts project continued business growth in the years ahead. It’s more important than ever to choose an insurance agent that knows the intricacies of the business, tailors specific plans to each client’s individual circumstances, and continues to review client policies to keep coverage in line with business growth and opportunity. To be sure that your B&B is protected, Outdoor Insurance is the best choice for your bed and breakfast insurance plan.