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What Coverage Should Your Hunting Club Have?

The coverage package that is most recommended by the insurance agents contacted at this writing is one which has the following:

* $1 million per occurrence general liability coverage

* $2 million general aggregate

* $100,000 fire legal liability

* Member-to-member coverage

* Guest liability coverage

* Liability coverage for firearms, tree stands, ATVs, mobile equipment, limited watercraft, hunting dogs and more.

Policies of this type are available through Outdoor Insurance Group.

10 Tips for SUP Safety

  1. 1. Wear a lifejacket and carry a whistle
  2. 2. Be a competent swimmer
  3. 3. Know how to self rescue
  4. 4. Know how to tow another board
  5. 5. Know the local regulations and navigation rules
  6. 6. Understand the elements and hazards – winds, tidal ranges, current, terrain
  7. 7. Know when to wear a leash
  8. 8. Be defensive – don’t go where you aren’t supposed to be and avoid other swimmers, boaters, paddleboards
  9. 9. Use proper blade angle to be the most efficient paddle boarder
  10. 10. Take a safety course

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Good Hunt Lease Insurance

Over the past 10 years, liability insurance has become a standard hunting lease requirement. In many cases, private and corporate landowners actually require liability insurance before the hunting lease is finalized.  Buy it here:  HUNT LEASE INSURANCE

Although frequently required, this insurance is often misunderstood. Simply stated, liability insurance is designed to provide coverage for hunting clubs and their members for acts which they could be held legally responsible. Continue reading

Liability Waivers for Outdoor Recreation

Liability waivers are common to most outdoor activities (horse-back riding, hunting, canoeing, kayaking, snowmobile rentals, climbing, rafting and SUP Paddle Boards) and have an important, often overlooked value of being a “reality check” for your guest. Seeing some of the risks of their activity spelled out before them and defining some of their responsibility for the soundness of their actions should make them a bit more thoughtful and safety conscious. Outdoor Insurance Group can provide sample waivers to business that do business with us

Insurance you need

Insurance you need

According to Forbes Magazine, there are 13 types of insurance a small business should have:

General Liability, Property, Business Owner’s Policy, Commercial Auto, Worker’s Compensation, Professional Liability, Directors and Officers, Data Breach, Homeowner’s, Renter’s Insurance, Life Insurance, Personal Automobile Insurance, and Personal Umbrella. While all of these may not apply to your business, let us help you decide.