Fly Fishing

From Alaska to the Florida Keys, Fishing Guides Get Ready to Meet the Demands of The High Season

Outdoor Insurance Group customizes Fishing Guide insurance plans to reflect the unique requirements of every fishing guide’s specialty.

While fishing is enjoyed by many all year long, spring and summer bring out the angler in all of us. Opening day for trout fishing in town parks draws children and adults alike. But the real action takes place in the hands of the professional guide who offer their patrons the ultimate experience. OIG has discovered estimates that more than 50 million people take at least one fishing trip per year – which makes fishing second in sports participation only to hiking and biking.

Proper fishing guide insurance coverage must take into account all risks as they relate to the popularity of a sport that includes so many. Many outfits are sole proprietorships that are particularly vulnerable to risk of financial loss. Risk considerations for all guides range from financial loss from customer lawsuits from bodily injury or property damage. These suits can stem from the activities of fishing and boating but sometimes from transporting clients in automobiles.

Other risks of loss are not insurable like the loss of business related to inclement weather conditions or flooded fishing locations. You can insure damage to expensive equipment, which grows in importance as the use of technological advancements in fishing tools increase the cost of doing business. In the case of boat trips, physical damage to your boat, called Hull Coverage, is a necessity that is offered by insurers like Outdoor Insurance Group. Fishing guide insurance needs to be specific to each type of fishing from boats to walk and wade trips, to float tubes, kayaks, paddle boards and more.

No matter what your specialty is or where you operate, if you’re a fishing guide, planning your insurance is just as important as making sure that your outfit is prepared to capitalize on the influx of business opportunity in the months ahead. For all professional outfits, now is the time to talk with your insurance professional and take inventory of your insurance needs. If they don’t understand your business and how you operate, it may be time for a change of agents.

With a growing business serving fishing guides from Alaska to Florida, Outdoor Insurance Group assures all of its clients that insurance coverage is low cost and easily obtainable with a quick and simple application process. Certificates for Government and other licensing agencies are free and OIG will mail the certifications to the offices on your behalf. You can also rely on your insurance representative to sell all approved forms for US Forest Service and US National Parks and all other licensing agencies.

Once insurance coverage is secured, you can spend the weeks ahead checking out new trends in your area of expertise, doing some online and community marketing to attract clients, updating record keeping methods, and honing your knowledge of first aid techniques. Most important is knowing what the fish are eating. With attention to keen preparation in every regard you’ll be ready for a safe and profitable season.