Can Outdoor Adventure Insurance Require as Much Skill as the Adventures it Covers?

Of course it can.  While there are no risks to limbs in the outdoor recreation insurance practices themselves, there are risks if we don’t know the outdoor adventure insurance business.  Knowledge comes with experience, just as it does in fly fishing, kayaking or any of the recreational activities that we cover.  We have experience.  We […]

Firearms Instructor Insurance

Firearms Instructor Insurance Guards Against Risks

Firearms Instructor Insurance is a specialty insurance that protects against the inherent risks faced by trained professional instructors in their day to day operations. Instructors need to remain vigilant, protecting against the risk of all accidents including injury, damage, negligence and even the slight chance of a fatality. Depending on the type of training you […]

Gun Range Instructor Insurance

Gun Range Instructor Insurance Guards Against Risks

As a gun range instructor, you need specialty gun range instructor insurance to protect your business from the risks that are associated with gun use by professionals and novices alike.  Every day, you’re sure to encounter situations that may seem harmless to you, but risky from the standpoint of an insurance professional. An educated insurance […]

Outdoor Insurance

Don’t Buy an Outdoor Recreation Insurance Plan from an Agent Who Spends all their Free Time Indoors!

When shopping for an outdoor recreation insurance plan, be smart. If your business operates in the great outdoors, you have unique outdoor recreation insurance risks and need coverage that is tailored made, with a risk assessment that pertains to your individual business.  When shopping for insurance, looking for an outdoor recreation insurance agent that does […]

Busy Spring for Outdoor Insurance

Outdoor Recreation Insurance Professionals at OIG Gear Up for a Busy Spring

In many areas of the country, it was a mild winter. Spring can’t be far behind.  Outdoor Insurance Group is reviewing outdoor recreation insurance and outdoor adventure insurance policies for its clients, making sure that they are well prepared for the busy months ahead. Is it time for a full review of your outdoor recreation […]

Trail Riding Insurance

The Importance of Trail Riding Insurance

If you operate a trail riding business, you should be well aware that not only is trail riding insurance is a necessity, but making sure that you have the appropriate level of insurance can mean the difference between success and failure of your business. Reputable riding businesses are run by experienced individuals.  But predicting the […]

Health Benefits of Being Outdoors

Outdoor Adventure Insurance Company OIG Promotes Health Benefits of Being Outdoors

Outdoor Insurance Group serves outdoor adventure companies in all areas for all seasons with personal outdoor adventure insurance plans designed exclusively for them.  All in all, whatever activity they offer, these companies have one thing in common, promoting a healthy lifestyle. In the outdoor insurance world, insurance coverage offered by OIG covers all risks related […]

Dude Ranch Insurance

Outdoor Insurance Group Dude Ranch Insurance Clients Capture the True Spirit of Adventure

Vacationers looking for a true outdoor adventure need look no further than a dude or guest ranch to fulfill their dreams. Spanning the OIG dude ranch insurance client base are nationwide ranches that offer patrons a distinctive experience based on their location, range of activities, and service. The uniqueness of each ranch is reflected in […]

Benefit of Outdoor Adventure

Outdoor Adventure Insurance Experts Tout Benefits of Outdoor Activities

The benefits of outdoor adventure activities have been highlighted in studies conducted all over the world. We’ve looked at research from reports compiled in the U.S., UK, Australia, Scotland, and more. There prove to be positive effects in the short term, as well as continued gains over time, in both children and adults. As outdoor […]

Making Business Improvements

Thinking About Improvements in Your Business

At OIG, our Outdoor Recreation Insurance clients are getting ready for a profitable new year!  Now that the holidays are behind us, it’s a good time to start thinking about improvements you can make to your business.  Look into new possibilities and draw in more customers. For outdoor recreation insurance businesses, here are five idea […]