Get Your Hunt Club Insurance and Prep Your Dogs for Hunting

With your duck hunting club insurance and hunt club insurance settled, it’s time to train up your dog and get ready for the hunt. This fall, get Outdoor Insurance Group duck hunting club insurance and hunt club insurance for your protection.  And after you get your all your duck and hunt insurance policies in a […]

Outdoor Recreation Insurance Clients and Outdoor Adventure Insurance Clients: The First Step is to Call OIG After A Disaster

If you have outdoor recreation insurance policy with OIG, and you are impacted by any of the current natural disasters, call us today. We are here to help.  You have so much to worry about in terms of rebuilding and simply keeping your business in play, that now is the time to rely on your […]

OIG Protects Outdoor Recreation Insurance Clients from Hurricane Risks

Outdoor Insurance Group offers complete outdoor recreation insurance coverage packages that guard against all catastrophic occurrences including natural disasters.  Hurricane season is upon us and we saw Harvey hit the Houston area leaving behind billions of dollars in damages.  Irma now threatens the Southeast with the potential to significantly impact the safety of businesses and […]

At OIG Get The Best Hunting Guide Insurance

As one of the leading outdoor insurance specialists, Outdoor Insurance Group offers hunting guides the best hunting insurance and knows the ins and outs of protecting hunting businesses.  If you’re a guide, you make your living in the outdoors often relying rely on specialized motor vehicles or boats, or perhaps even horses. Because of your […]

Outdoor Insurance Group Thrives On Its Great Reputation

Outdoor Insurance Group ( lives up to its name and nationwide reputation for excellent service based on an extensive knowledge of adventure recreation special needs among all representatives.  Outdoor recreation refers to leisure pursuits taking place in the outdoors, most often involving natural rural environments. Examples include backpacking, cycling, camping, canoeing, fishing, hiking, horseback riding, hunting, kayaking, surfing, paddle boarding, and ATV riding, and we insure them all.  Because […]

Outdoor Insurance Group Fishing Guide Insurance Clients Are Meeting the Demands of The High Season

Outdoor Insurance Group attracts insurance customers from California to Maine with tailor made Fishing Guide insurance plans that meet individual requirements, depending on many factors including outfit size to specialty. Estimates exceed 50 million for the number of people who take at least one fishing trip per year.  And summer months are the most popular […]

Outdoor Insurance Group provides insurance solutions for adventurer/entrepreneurs

OIG insurance is called outdoor recreation insurance or outdoor adventure insurance.  Our client base is comprised of hundreds of successful outdoor enthusiasts in specific areas including fishing guide insurance, hunting guide insurance, surf school insurance and paddle board insurance, horseback riding, camping, rv park insurance, and more.  We’re constantly on the lookout for trends in […]

Outdoor Insurance Group’s Horseback Riding Insurance Protects Trail Riding Businesses

Horseback riders are safe when stables are protected with horseback riding insurance. So get out there and enjoy this popular adventure activity. Summer is a great time for outdoor enthusiasts to visit a country stable to take advantage of a trail ride through beautiful and lush scenery.  Horses are trained to accommodate every level of […]

Outdoor Insurance Group Tips on Sun Protection

As experts in outdoor recreation insurance and outdoor adventure insurance, Outdoor Insurance Group (OIG) advocates protecting patrons in more ways than one. Our clients include fishing and hunting guides, surf camps, RV parks and a world of additional outdoor adventure outfits. Every activity insured can take place under the sun where protection is of the […]

Outdoor Recreation Insurance is Important for Small Businesses

Outdoor Insurance Group: Outdoor Recreation Business Insurance is important for small recreation and adventure companies to protect from many elements of risk.  Outdoor Insurance Group is located in Lafayette, Co., but serves nationwide businesses involved in fishing, hunting, hiking, camping, water activities and more.  It is important for insurance providers to design recreation insurance plans […]